Becoming the Boss – Lindsey Pollak [Book Summary]

by Nick

How to become the main one talks about the difficulties that a modern leader may encounter, and provides tips on how to overcome them.

Pollack explains the fundamental principles of gaining leadership and holding it.

Pollack also cites some of the best practices in HR, professional communication, and personal growth.

Lindsey Pollak, an expert on a variety of situations at work and the “network” generation, advises corporate clients, including LinkedIn, which now acts as an official representative. She is the author of Career After College: An Essential Guide to Real Life, her articles have appeared in such renowned sources as CNN, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Becoming the Boss is one of her great books.

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Learn How to Become a Leader in the Modern World

We worship the great leaders of the past, and they deserve it. Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are role models worth emulating.

However, learning from them, it is worth remembering that now a lot has changed. The world of modern business is unique. First, technology changes every day, which means that the way we communicate and learn is changing. Secondly, modern workers are not like labor from the past. Generation Y – people born between 1980 and 2000, versed in technology, aimed at their own success, educated young professionals who combine several works at once.

What do these words mean for someone who wants to become a leader?

This means that leadership training should come from the realities of the modern world. On the pages of this book, you will learn how to do this.

You will read about

  • why, in order to begin to control the others, one must learn to control oneself;
  • why it is worth submitting a resume, even if there is no chance; and
  • why every week you should take the time to remove yourself from all photos on Facebook.

Learn to Control Yourself

What is a leader?

This is the person who is responsible for many others, right? There is another, equally important aspect of leadership.

You need to be able not only to lead others but also to manage yourself – to be able to build and organize your life and work in the same way as if you were working with a team.

To learn how to control yourself, there are several useful strategies.

First of all, don’t worry. The modern world of business is unstable, new ideas and technological changes are constantly emerging, so sometimes there is nothing wrong with being afraid. This is a normal reaction, and one must be able to cope with it.

Ask yourself – what is more important, fear or desire to achieve a goal? Is the desire to found a company stronger than the fear of failure, loss of money moving back to your parents? If so, boldly move forward, because the pros have outweighed the cons.

Develop Your Creativity.

If you want to assemble cars, it is not enough to be an expert only in your field. Learn more about other areas, such as computer computing, design, and business processes. Awareness in different fields of activity will help to see the links between a variety of information and find creative solutions.

Learn and spend more energy on work.

Find out as much as possible. What skills do you need? Follow LinkedIn on the profiles of people who have achieved career success, and you can determine what you should learn.

Create your own brand – be visible, distinct from others and consistent

Now few people work only for one company – the majority prefers to play different roles and constantly be in search of a new one.

To qualify for different roles, you need to be your own director, which means creating your own brand and standing out among competitors.

How to create your own brand?

  • (1) Try to be as visible as possible so that you become recognized. Appear in cafes and coworking studios, in social networks and at thematic events.
  • (2) Stand out among those who offer the same services. Let it be easy for people to distinguish you. Use knowledge from various fields. Do you understand classical literature or Chinese culture? Unique skills will attract potential customers to you.
  • (3)Be consistent – this creates a good reputation. Develop a specific type of behavior and behave with people in the same manner. Employees like it when they can predict your behavior, so they understand what to expect.

How to promote your brand?

One must be able to present oneself in order to arouse trust and respect. To do this, there are “presentations in the elevator” – this is a way to describe yourself and your activity in thirty seconds. Highlight the most important points that people should know about you. Such a presentation will help you effectively sell yourself and your abilities to others.

Having created your brand in real life with the help of these tips, you can proceed to the foundation of your brand on the network.

Find out what social networks will help your business, and how to position yourself in them.

Get respect from others – so you can become a leader. In the modern world, it constantly happens that someone marks us on photos on Facebook.

Therefore, it is important to constantly check whether inappropriate photos appearing on the network with your name on them.

Make sure of this by deleting your marks from similar photos on Facebook or in other social networks. Photos where you drank, do something illegal or not quite decent, may harm your career in the future.

Also, remember that you can always politely ask to delete photos.

Of course, this does not mean that social networks only harm. In fact, they can work wonders in promoting a name if you know how to use them correctly.

Nowadays, social networks are everywhere, some may be directly related to your profession, others not. For example, LinkedIn is useful regardless of profession.

In the entertainment industry, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram become useful tools – they allow you to advertise yourself to the masses.

Since LinkedIn is suitable for almost everyone, your profile should be as individual as possible. Do not stop at the simple “project manager”, write that you are “a technology project manager who is interested in big data, experienced in the field of startups and what concerns corporations that are members of the Fortune 500”. So people can learn more about you.

When you fill out a profile with what you think people should know about you, ask a friend or colleague to give their opinion on it.

A True Leader Knows How to Communicate

If you do not know how to communicate, you can abandon the idea of ​​becoming a leader.

There are two main things you need to know to become a leader.

First of all, talk less about yourself. Paradoxically, leaders are not fixated on themselves. Researchers at the University of Texas found that leaders use the word “I” less often than others.

Therefore, try to talk less about yourself. Moreover, it is necessary to concentrate on the issues and problems of employees in order to motivate them. When we focus on ourselves, it’s more difficult for you to pay attention to them.

Secondly, avoid fragmentary communication.

A study by the account managers of the US company Accountemps found that the lack of open and honest communication affects the morale of the company much worse than strict control over the work of employees or high workload. Therefore, in any case, it is better to show more attention than less.

Also remember that it is not the quantity of communication that matters, but its quality.

There are many ways to convey information, and it is important to choose the one that is most suitable for the listener.

If the information is extremely positive, negative, personal or secret, speak with the employee face-to-face to avoid misunderstandings. Good news is especially good for relationships with an employee.

If you need to disseminate information among many people at once, use e-mail. The big advantage of this method is that information is not lost.

If you need an immediate reaction to the information, use the phone or messenger.

As a leader, you must know what to say to employees and which channels to use. Next, you will learn how else to improve your communication skills.

Essential leadership skills include addressing by name, answering false questions, and rejecting gossip

No one is born with a full set of communication abilities, but everyone can learn this. Fortunately, the skills are very specific, and the tips below will help you find them.

Let’s Start With the Basics.

One obvious but often overlooked point is to remember the name of the person you are addressing. Using a name is a simple and effective persuasion tool because everyone loves to be addressed by name.

Also, do not forget to check several times whether the name is spelled correctly in the email – a typo in the name can be expensive, and the person will decide that he does not care about you.

Another basic tip is making eye contact.

Eye contact demonstrates confidence.

Confidence also demonstrates the ability to answer a question that you do not know the right answer.

It is impossible to know the correct answers to everything. In such situations, to arouse respect, you can either contact the person who knows the answer, postpone the question and promise to return to it later, or ask the person to ask a more specific question, and the details will help to answer the original question.

And in the End, Any Leader Knows That Gossip Should Be Avoided.

Although gossip is common, participation in them can be harmful. If you speak of others from behind as leaders, you undermine your authority.

Both young and experienced leaders must be able to adapt to the business environment.

As you may have noticed, lately, managers are getting younger. It is not surprising that many are afraid of their new position. Don’t worry – the tips below will help you get used to your new position.

First of all, feeling excitement is perfectly normal. A 2014 study by Deloitte found that only 36 percent of managers in Generation Y were ready for a new position — you’re not alone.

Secondly, it is important to immediately make positive changes in order to create a positive image among employees. For example, you can cancel mandatory reports that are so unpopular. Such minor changes can make a big difference. Even better if you quickly manage to get new contacts, customers or sponsors.

It is also worth developing the ability to motivate. Demonstrate your interest in the development of each employee – ask where they see themselves in five years, and how the company can help with this.

Get ready. Even if you are experienced, the world is changing rapidly and you need to follow this.

Pay attention to what technologies your company uses.

Do you use document-sharing services, for example, DropBox?

What customer relationship management tools are used?

Another important point is the cultural differences. As a leader, you must know how to manage people of different cultures. Cultural awareness is paramount.

To do this, you can simply show interest in employees and ask. People from other countries usually value the opportunity to talk about their culture and business traditions in their country.

Meet the right people and use social networks correctly

For career development, it is very important to meet with more experienced people and learn from their experiences. To achieve this, it is necessary to expand the circle of communication.

You need to get acquainted with those who have the knowledge and abilities that you would like to gain. To do this, go out of your comfort zone and try to attend meetings with much more experienced leaders.

Let’s say you want to become an entrepreneur. Visit the Young Presidents Organization or the Young Entrepreneurs Society – there you can meet the most educated and successful directors and business leaders. Although at first, it may be scary to be in the company of such successful people, then you can get valuable contacts and points of view.

Never Miss an Appointment is a Great Piece of Advice.

For example, you are looking for work. Submit a resume even for those positions that do not quite meet your ideas. In an interview, you may discover new opportunities that you were not aware of. It may turn out that the company has another vacancy that better suits your interests and experience, or in a couple of months you will be invited to some other job.

Another important skill is the professional use of social networks.

When adding contacts on LinkedIn, write a little about yourself. Do not limit yourself to the simple “I want to add you to my work network”. Mention how you learned about the person, why you are adding him, what projects you are currently working on. The more detail, the more likely it is to get attention.

The Final Words

The world of business is changing very quickly, and with it, the concept of leadership is changing. To become an effective leader, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of leadership – employee management, the use of network skills, self-presentation.

Prioritize so as to avoid burn out. If the schedule is out of scope, take 15 minutes to prioritize. Sometimes an important email can wait, but a business meeting cannot.

Learn to deal with stress – take it and control your breathing. Take stress, not resist it. Resistance only worsens the situation. Remember to breathe deeply. You have heard this many times, but do you remember to do it? Take three deep breaths and see how the body relaxes.

Do not be alarmed when you have to change jobs. At some point, you ask yourself: is it worth staying at your current job, or should you change course? Turn to your childhood dreams. Are you moving to implement them? If you left this course, you should change jobs.

Why You Should Read “Becoming the Boss”

  • To launch a successful startup.
  • To become a great leader.
  • To understand the main principles of any business.

This book is available as:

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