Why Can Book Summaries be Better Than Books?

Can book summaries really be better than original books themselves?

This is the question that kept bothering me for a long time, until the day I’ve decided to conduct broad research and sit to write this post.

The quick answer is yes! They certainly can. Especially if the book that is 500-pages long outlines only 1 main idea that is worth the time of the reader.

What are the other reasons why book summaries can be more attractive to self-development fans?

Let’s find out!

The Reading Crisis Does not Exist!

In my opinion, there is no reading crisis.

People today read more than ever in the history of mankind. But instead of traditional books, they prefer reading email letters, posts on social networks, blogs, and so on.

We are experiencing the evolution of formats: short formats crowd out long ones. Content distribution monopolists – publishers – are losing control. Everyone who has something to say can do this without the help of a publisher.

First of all, the non-fiction area is changing.

It’s hard for me to remember when I used an encyclopedia or a dictionary. Wikipedia has virtually superseded all paper encyclopedias, and YouTube video tutorials are more convenient than many other forms of informational content.

Recipe collections are more likely to be bought for aesthetic pleasure than to actually use them.

In other words, the Internet is beating books in competition for our attention.

Nowadays, authors do not have time to write a traditional book of 400 pages, and the reader does not have to read it.

Many non-fiction books grew out of articles – for example, “The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson or “Geniuses and Outsiders” by Malcolm Gladwell.

They can be easily “rolled up” to 7-10 pages.

I talked to people who bought books to train employees but found that lack of time made books untouched.

Many Non-fiction Books Can Be Summarized in 7-10 Pages

I carefully studied the legal aspect and found that the summary is a separate product that does not require the purchase of rights.

We can choose the best content, regardless of the source. However, we do not believe that the summary will completely replace the book: if a person does not have enough concise content, then they will want to read the full version.

It is interesting that the authors like this format for the dissemination of their ideas since it definitely covers a wider audience.

Often investment bankers who look at a particular model say: “If you are the first in the world, how do you know that your business model will work?”

I am lucky – in this area, there are already several successful companies, I try to take into account their experience and create my own, no less successful.

Why Not Just Read the Original Book?

The pace of life continues to accelerate.

People simply do not have free time to read. And even more so, no one wants to waste it. Those who read books on business or personal effectiveness know about the abilities of some authors (in my opinion this is most expressed by American authors) to stretch a simple thought into 5, or even 10 pages.

Examples are good. But when you read the third example to the same thought, you realize that you are wasting your time.

In this case, the summary helps to immediately get a squeeze of the main thoughts and think for yourself. This is usually more useful than repeating 3 times in a row.

There is one more problem – the list of books self-developing people want to read.
It is calculated every month but decreases much less often. There are many recommendations, a lot of new books are also coming out.
How to determine if a book is worth your attention? 
Or have you already read about it from other authors? In this case, the summary is also a great helper.

You spend 15-20 minutes and you already know if you should spend your money and time on a full-fledged book, or it is better to give preference to another author. Sometimes you just want to expand the scope of your knowledge a bit and read something that is not your core interest. For example, as an online marketing specialist, I wonder what happens in marketing and sales in general.

There is no time to delve deeply into this topic. But to discover something new by reading an extract from good books will be very useful.

 Other Book Summaries Benefits

In the modern world, the human brain is often in an overloaded state.

It is impossible to keep everything in mind. Sometimes faced with a situation in life or a problem, you recall that you read about it in the book.

The summary will help your brain restore basic thoughts and remember the details and thoughts that can help you right now. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why I myself began to write down thoughts from books I read and created the website you are visiting right now.

The Book Summary Library of This Website Will Constantly Grow

For the first year of this blog, I plan to add 1 quality book summary every 2 days!

Some summaries may appear in our library a few weeks after the publication of the book.

You Can Find Summaries Not Only on Business Books

I also publish summaries on parenting, healthy lifestyles, psychology, popular science publications.

How can you benefit from reading book summaries on this blog?

Here are the key benefits:

  • Save time – reading up to 30 minutes per book
  • Save money – low price compared to a paper book
  • Always at hand – read electronically even from your phone or listen
  • Refresh your reading knowledge
  • When writing material is from the unknown topic, book summaries help understand it in just a couple of hours

Book Summary is a great alternative if you don’t have time to read, but would like to receive useful information in brief.

How Can Book Summaries Help You?

Many people dream of reading several books a day, study speed reading and strive to be like Caesar.

But apart from reading, everyone has many tasks that need to be performed during the day.

Although, wait for a second … it turns out that there is a great way to gain knowledge way faster!

Book Summaries! 

Here are the main things they can help you accomplish effortlessly:

  • Choosing the right book. After reading the summary of the book, you can decide whether to read its original or save your time and money.
  • Refresh your memory. A summary will help you go over the main ideas from a book that you read a couple of months ago.
  • Gather information on a relevant topic. If you have a blog, write articles, or want to better understand some issue, take a few summaries and study topics that concern you from different sources.
  • If you want to read a LOT. Reading summary will help to read in bulk, to understand trusted books and to “swallow” new items. Summary – a tool for turning you into a book superman.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and pick up the book that interests you on this website!

There is a lot to choose from, and they are ALL free to use.

See you there;)