How Can Book Summaries Change Your Life Forever?

Do you dream of reading 1-2 books a day like Elon Musk?

It’s impossible!

Although wait … There are several ways.

The first way. Imprison yourself in a book castle. Or in the library, if there is no castle nearby.

An unlikely scenario, because there is a family, work and everything else that is called life.

Let’s go on to the second way. We can master speed reading. Now in half an hour, we manage to swallow 100-200 pages of the book. It is a pity that these techniques do not work with professional or complex literature – it becomes incomprehensible that we are “swallowing”. Any attempts to deal with a new thought or, God forbid, the term lead to extreme inhibition.

But there is still hope in a third way! We can study the brief contents of the books- summaries.

This is a squeeze, a laconic retelling of the main plot, facts and ideas from the book. This option seems to be the most optimal one.

I read a couple of summaries a day myself while devouring the third book(full length).

So let’s find out how book summaries can help you change your life.

Book Summaries Possess Tons of Benefits

Below are just a few general things that you can accomplish by reading book summaries on this website:

  • Reading LOTS of specialized books. More ideas, facts, stories, knowledge. Everyday. A suitable tool for turning yourself into a superman.
  • Choosing the right book. After reviewing the content in 20 minutes, you can decide whether to read the whole book or not continue to waste time.
  • Refresh your memory. A few months after reading the book, do you remember 10% of its content? – The summary will help you quickly run through the facts.
  • Gather information on the topic. If you need to write an article, sort out some issues, form an opinion … Just take a few book summaries on the topic, go through them and produce a great piece of content yourself.

The summary is a synonym for time-saving.  You decide how to work with this format.

Let’s be realistic: more than half of the business literature is rubbish, transfusion from empty to empty. After reading 20-30 bestsellers of this genre, there is a risk of being bored. After reading 5-10 summaries you may choose the right book that you think is the best for you and purchase it in a matter of seconds! (Thanks to Amazon).

Every book summary on my blog has links pointing to full version formats available at the moment (print, audio, ebook).

You can use the links anytime you feel that the book will be the right option for you.

How Can This Blog Help You Learn More

When reading book summaries on this blog you can be sure in at least two things:

  • All book summaries include only the most important ideas and principles outlined in the full version of the book
  • There is no useless information presented. Only the sweetest fruits.

If you really like the book, nothing prevents you from buying the full version when you are done with its summary.

Book Summaries on my website are:

  1. Time-saving.
  2. Well-organized
  3. Applicable

Why I Started to Publish Book Summaries

The first time I met such a summary was by accident – I was looking for books on time management and motivation, and someone advised me to read the summary of a rather popular book. It was laid out for free access so that I could quickly get acquainted with the key points of the book in 20 minutes.

The “original version” of the book is about 300 pages, so it would take a couple of days.

During this same time, you can read 20 books!

After that, I started searching for sites where you can find short versions of the popular self-help books.

To my frustration, I was not quite satisfied with the results.

Some book summaries, the original versions of which I have recently read, did not include key principles that helped me grow my own business. Others were too long or too short.

The idea of creating this website was born!

There are 4 types of book summaries you can find here:

  1. Informative – used for scientific texts. The emphasis is on the results of scientific research.
  2. Administrative – used by managers and policies. The emphasis is on recommendations for use.
  3. Training – used to memorize training material, active work with sources.
  4. Niche – author’s retelling of books in a particular field of knowledge. For example, in management, in pedagogy, in economics, in linguistics, etc.

You can truly become a world expert in your field in you start to read at least 1 book summary a day related to your field of knowledge.

Get valuable information, reread the key principles by occasionally going back to your favorite summaries, and make notes.

Apply the new ideas and see yourself standing out from mediocrity and achieving your most desired goals.

So don’t wait for more! Go ahead and pick up your very first summary on this blog and dive yourself into it!