#GIRLBOSS – Sophia Amoruso [Book Summary]

by Nick

In the #GIRLBOSS book, Sofia Amoruso tells her story of being transformed from a high school graduate to the CEO of a multi-million fashionable empire. Whether it’s starting a business from scratch, creating a powerful community, or choosing the right investors, the book will come in handy in any case. Amoruso talks about what it means to be a woman in modern business.

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Sophia Amoruso is the founder of NastyGal, a successful commercial site for women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

You will learn how to find your passion and let it lead you to success.

Have you seen a top manager who, after graduating from school, spent years climbing cesspools, shoplifting and mediocre work to somehow pay the bills?

Here is just such a gap – the author of the book, Sofia Amoruso, who was able to use her vivid experience to found the most successful fashion company in the last ten years.

In the #GIRLBOSS book, Amoruso talks about how she turned the hobby of antique clothing into a multi-million dollar business. From the book, you will learn how she used her creativity and business flair to create a worldwide movement uniting young women.

From the book you will learn:

  • What entrepreneurial skills can the hitchhiking teach;
  • Why do you have to forget everything that you taught at school to take place;
  • Why work in a large network of bookstores can make you the best boss in the world.

Discover Your Personality Traits and Natural Talents and Let Them Lead You to Success

When you were children, did your parents tell you that poor school performance will turn out to be a failure in your adult life?

This is not true.

Some people study well at school, others badly. At the same time, excellent grades do not determine whether you will succeed in life.

Do not forget that completely different people live in the world, and everyone has their own talents. Success is possible only on the condition that you can determine what you are really good at and skillfully use this quality in your career.

Once you identify your special talent, you will feel the opportunity to focus on what pleases you and what you understand. So you can develop your abilities to perfection and at the same time achieve success.

Here is the story of Sofia Amoruzo. She skillfully bargained discounts on long-awaited antique clothes and then resold models with big profits. She created a hobby-based venture that became so exciting and exciting that it eventually turned into her own clothing empire.

The author simply remained herself and did what she liked; this led her to success. But she was able to find her way because she realized her talents and weaknesses.

Self-awareness and self-acceptance is of great importance, because, as mentioned earlier, all people are different. There are extroverts and introverts, and everyone should find their own world that suits him.

Extroverts bloom through communication with other people. This type of personality is suitable for working on Wall Street, for example, where you need to break through to make sales. But such an environment for an introvert seems like a nightmare.

In the case of Amoruzo, her inner introvert blossomed thanks to social networks. She built an online client network where she could contact fans in a measured, non-aggressive manner.

Choose unconventional paths and try unusual exercises to find out what really inspires you.

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If You Want to Achieve Greatness, It is Important to Understand That Even With the Strongest Motivation, the Path to Success Will Not Be Straight.

In reality, attempts to follow a direct path will only limit you, as you will miss new, unexpected opportunities.

Imagine a purposeful astronaut who spent several years completely immersed in textbooks. During the first test flight in zero gravity, he discovers that he is severely motion sick. Although he spent half his life training to become an astronaut, his excessive determination prevented him from finding the right path that would truly suit his abilities.

Therefore, it is better to go along the serpentine and be ready to work in unusual places. Some people try to avoid this, but you yourself will see that you can learn something new only using the opportunities that have turned up.

Despite anti-capitalist beliefs, Amoruzo once got a job in a large book network. She began to work with a bad mood and a lot of prejudice, but in the end, she gained customer service skills that helped her subsequently organize her own business.

The unconventional path has many unexpected advantages. But there is another side to the coin – dips.

Failure can happen to anyone – so do not be afraid of them, but draw conclusions from them! It is possible that failures in something signal that you are doing the wrong thing, that it does not support your inner passion. If there is a passion, then the matter is argued.

This is what Amoruso discovered. Before starting her own business, she experienced many failures, tried dozens of jobs from which she was fired, or which she herself quit. Then she thought that she did not succeed because of laziness.

But the truth was that these vacancies simply did not suit her.

But when she started collecting clothes and reselling her creations on eBay, Amoruzo could work for hours and days without even monitoring the time.

To succeed, become an expert in your field. Gain experience and try everything new

When you understand what you like to do, how will you succeed?

First you need to become an expert in your field and learn everything you can learn.

If you are in business, the best way to become an expert is to practice more.

For Amoruso, this meant building their own company from scratch.

At the very beginning, she did everything herself: she bought clothes, packed and sent them to clients.

Thus, she knew the whole process from beginning to end.

When clothes were not sold, she took a marketing approach by modifying texts or photographs on the site. Thanks to her flexibility, she gained valuable experience and knowledge about everything that customers wanted.

For several years, Amoruso acted as a stylist of all the photosets of her clothes.

By participating in this process, she did much more than just sell clothes: she offered young women an exciting, inspiring look at fashion.

She did this by choosing suitable, classy looking models, then dressed them in a fancy style that customers loved and wanted to copy. Ultimately, customers are not just attached to its product, but also to each other, creating a powerful community.

This approach gave her young business a major advantage over vintage stores on eBay, most of which lacked vivid photographs and marketing ideas. When she moved from eBay to her own site, her community followed her.

And on that their loyalty did not end. Her customers loved NastyGal so much that they shared the link with friends. Word-of-mouth marketing helped Amoruso expand its customer base.

Having worked hard and gained experience, the author developed an expert look at what customers wanted. But most of all she was helped by her ability to put her knowledge into building an influential, loyal community.

Ask and you will receive it; do and break the rules, but don’t break the law

There Are No Stupid Questions. But There Are Questions That Will Never Be Answered Because They Were Not Asked at All.

Therefore, if you want to get something, first ask.

Think of it this way: if you don’t tell people what you want, you will never get it.

It’s simple! You must voice hopes and dreams if you want people to help you realize them.

Amoruzo realized this when she once got stuck on the side of the road in heavy rain. Despite the lack of money, she tried her luck and put out her hand with her thumb raised to catch the bus. And he stopped, and the driver allowed her to go for free.

This realization struck her like lightning: ask and you will receive it.

Another important aspect in obtaining the desired is trust in one’s own intuition.

This means understanding what rules you can break.

After all, in order to build a successful business, you have to be creative and break some rules. You need to be able to see not only black and white, but also all shades of gray.

The flexibility of the mind will also protect you from worrying about the correctness of what you are doing. Instead, you break a few rules, cross the line – and create something new.

However, not all rules can be violated. Amoruzo realized this when she was caught for shoplifting.

Having paid a deposit so as not to go to jail, the author felt humiliated. She decided that only tyrannical rules could be violated, for example, putting on shoes from last year’s collection at a fashion party.

If you have to break the rules, do not waste time on breaking the law. Unless you want to get a lesson after spending a couple of days in prison.

You cannot control the opinions of others about you, so ignore it. Stay positive and focus on your goals.

So, we learned that there are rules that can be broken, and there are those that cannot.

But there is a Golden Rule: Do with others the way you want them to do with you.

The meaning is this: if you bring positive into the universe, you will receive the same answer.

Moreover, by focusing on what you like, instead of what you don’t like, you release the energy that can fuel your passion.

Amoruso was tempted to break this rule when her friend copied the entire NastyGal site and tried to pass it off as her own. If the author focused on this incident and continued to be angry, this would only help her rival, who would use the opportunity to lure customers who do not receive service of the level to which they are accustomed.

But the author did not succumb to this temptation. She did not waste time on a revenge plan and instead plunged into her business.

Amoruso realized that one should not worry about what others do and think. If you spend time thinking about others, you cannot find innovation and creativity within yourself.

High school was a nightmare for the author. She was always tormented by the fear that others would think of her. Therefore, she left school earlier. Ultimately, she realized that a lot of time and energy was being spent on worrying about the opinions of others.

In order not to lose reference, ignoring noise, create special characters. These will be small words that indicate your goals. To create a character, enclose your goal in a word or a short phrase, then shorten the result by deleting unnecessary letters until you get an icon that no one else understands.

This Personal Code Will Give You Motivation and Power to Think Positively About Your Dreams.

Now you know how to stay positive and be honest with yourself. How to apply these skills in entrepreneurship? The next part is just about that.

Distribute your strengths by combining entrepreneurial streak with creativity

In childhood, creativity was associated with watercolors, crayons and dresses for paper dolls. But as adults, we realized that solving problems also required creativity.

Combining creativity with entrepreneurial talent, you correctly distribute your forces.

A creative entrepreneurial approach is based on curiosity; asking a lot of questions, you create new business opportunities. Accepting the “status quo” will only put you in a frame.

For example, NastyGal did not need thin, flat-chested models standard for the fashion world. The company has built up a reputation for creative style for different shapes and offers its products to women with shapes.

This innovative styling approach was not just a creative choice; for NastyGal, it also became a smart business solution that made a profit.

However, creative individuals are sometimes so absorbed in the creative aspects of their work that they ignore the practical side of the business. It is important to find a balance between them.

While the author enjoyed thinking through the design of her site and photos to display her products, she also devoted great efforts to attracting and retaining customers.

She always looked at the sales process from the point of view of buyers, providing a consistent unique aesthetics of her site. Thus, she combined entrepreneurial streak with creative talents.

Creative people can do great in marketing, so think about how you can channel your energy there.

This is a way to embody the talents of an internal artist for business development.

Many people think: since I am a stylist (or another creative person), I will not be able to do business. This opinion is negative, therefore it guarantees failure.

Find Like-minded Investors and Employees Who Will Support Your Dreams and Not Undermine Them

As an entrepreneur, it is important to recruit the right team of employees and investors. But how to do that?

The best team to work with is honest, hardworking and loyal.

The author realized this the year that the NastyGal warehouse manager quit during Black Friday sales, leaving the warehouse to the mercy of fate.

But several motivated employees took up his business. They packed boxes, carried out orders and ensured a smooth work process. They performed more than just their duties so that the company would not miss a single customer order during this important period.

For the head of the company, such staff is just a dream. Understanding that you can count on employees helps you sleep better at night.

In addition to hardworking employees, you will need investors who support your endeavors, and not undermine them.

Investors are needed to make your dreams come true, and not to realize their own views. From the experience of Amoruso, some investors may simply harass you. One potential investor, for example, demanded that a man be appointed ahead of the company, since, in his opinion, the author, as a woman, could not cope with the distribution of funds.

Its limitations did not fit a company like NastyGal.

Especially a company that was built from scratch by a woman who has never taken a single loan.

As a result, the author found investors who realized that she was creating a movement, and not just a cute little site on which women could spend their money.

Ultimately, it is important to adhere to our own principles and to refuse compromises only for financial gain. Such solutions may seem correct for a moment, but in the future, they will only create problems for you.

In Business and in Life There is Nothing Cooler Than Confidence.

Wear it with pride

Do you know people who seem to glow from the inside? It is all about their confidence; when you feel that you are in your place, you look beautiful.

This is true both for personal life and for business. If you know what your company is, you can feel comfortable and confident while developing it.

Otherwise, every new trend that has appeared in your industry will lead you astray.

With the advent of NastyGal, the author realized that it is important to be such a business person who can speak with everyone, even with a stranger. Maybe it would be “cooler” to stay aloof like some competing brands, but such an unfriendly behavior is more likely due to a lack of confidence.

As we all know, it is impossible to buy self-confidence. Of course, fashionable clothes can help with this, but only if you have something to back it up with.

This means listening when others are speaking, and having the courage to form your own opinion.

It also means the ability to delegate the right to make decisions to someone more knowledgeable or experienced at the right time. Never insist that you know everything – it will only distance you from others. Instead, stay calm and confident.

If you follow these tips, you will be liked by everyone you meet. And if you also wear a fantastic dress, then you will delight everyone!


To become a successful entrepreneur, it is not necessary to study well at school – for this you need to realize what you really love to do and let your passion lead you. If you want to succeed, ask for what you need and find a way to combine the entrepreneurial spirit with your creative talents. And – most importantly – be confident in yourself!

Let your passion guide you and be 100% confident in yourself – this is the secret to business success.

Lost your goals and lost your way?

Write down your dream in the form of a short word or phrase, and then shorten it by deleting or moving the letters as desired, as a result of an icon that no one else understands. This small personal code will give you the power to think positively about your dreams and give you the right motivation.

Why You Should Read “#GIRLBOSS”

  • o take leadership positions in entrepreneurship
  • To discover a natural talent
  • To follow an unconventional business development path

This book is available as:

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