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Great CEOs Are Lazy [Summary & Takeaways]

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Main Topic

“Great CEOs Are Lazy” by Jim Schleckser explores the idea that effective leadership is not about working tirelessly, but rather about strategic thinking, delegation, and fostering a productive work environment.

Key Ideas or Arguments

  • The Myth of Hard Work: Schleckser challenges the misconception that successful CEOs should be constantly busy, advocating for the importance of working smarter, not harder.
  • Strategic Leadership: The book emphasizes the need for CEOs to focus on strategic planning, setting clear goals, and empowering their teams to execute effectively.
  • Effective Delegation: Schleckser discusses the art of delegation, explaining how CEOs can trust and delegate responsibilities to their teams, enabling them to excel.
  • Cultivating a Productive Culture: The book highlights the significance of creating a workplace culture that encourages innovation, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Chapter Titles or Main Sections

  1. The Lazy CEO Manifesto: Introduces the central idea that great CEOs don’t work excessively but work efficiently.
  2. The Hard Work Myth: Challenges the belief that success is synonymous with constant busyness.
  3. The Strategic CEO: Discusses the importance of strategic thinking and long-term planning.
  4. Delegating for Success: Explores the art of effective delegation.
  5. Cultivating Productivity: Emphasizes the role of leadership in creating a productive work environment.

Great CEOs Are Lazy

by Jim Schleckser


Key Takeaways

  • CEOs should prioritize strategic thinking and planning over excessive busyness.
  • Delegation is a crucial skill for successful leadership.
  • Fostering a productive work culture is essential for sustainable success.

Author’s Background and Qualifications

Jim Schleckser is a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO, and leadership expert with extensive experience in guiding organizations to success. He has also authored other books on leadership and management.

Comparison to Other Books

“Great CEOs Are Lazy” sets itself apart by directly challenging the conventional notion of hard work equating to success. It offers a fresh perspective on effective leadership.

Target Audience

The book is intended for current and aspiring CEOs, business leaders, and anyone interested in innovative leadership strategies.

Reception or Critical Response

The book has received positive reviews for its unconventional approach to leadership and its practical insights into becoming a more effective CEO.

Publisher and First Published Date

The book was published by Greenleaf Book Group and was first published in 2016.


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To Sum Up

The book “Great CEOs Are Lazy” by Jim Schleckser challenges the myth of constant hard work and advocates for strategic leadership, effective delegation, and a productive work culture as key to CEO success.

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