Money – Tris Dixon [Book Summary]

by Nick

How did Floyd Mayweather achieve the mind-blowing success?

How with emotional trauma received in childhood, you can win in the ring and earn a billion dollars?

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Here are the key ideas from Tris Dixon‘s book:

Insight 1. Even a Difficult Childhood, Poor Environment and Lack of Money Can Not Prevent a Dream Come True.

From the first days of the life of the famous athlete, the father of Floyd Mayweather Jr. instilled in him a love of boxing.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a well-known boxer before a leg injury, after which he decided to fulfill his unfulfilled dreams in his son, Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Jr. was about 8 years old, a family of seven people they lived in one bedroom. The house was in an extremely disadvantaged area. There was no water or heating in it, and sometimes the electricity was turned off.

Things were going very badly in the family. Father sold drugs, and mother after a while sitting on them.

They shot all the time on the street. One friend of Floyd Jr. was stabbed to death, the second was shot. 

Before going to bed, little Floyd swore an oath: “I will not smoke and I will not drink. I will become the richest man in the world. ”

The editor of The Ring magazine believed that the emotional shock that Floyd Jr. suffered in childhood was a hallmark of great boxers. This may be poverty, which harms the child, the divorce of parents, psychological trauma.

“When people see what I have now, they have no idea where I came from or how I got it.” Floyd Mayweather Jr

Insight 2. Do What You Believe in and Believe in What You Do.

At the age of ten, still under the maternal name Sinclair, Floyd Jr. got together in a boxing fight with Chris Holden in the basketball hall.

At that time, Floyd Jr. weighed only twenty-nine kilograms, but he beat Chris in the first round.

Chris Holden after the fight wondered why this baby Floyd is so good. So everyone in the audience thought so.

Little Floyd Mayweather had no difference with whom to engage in battle. He longed for only two things: fights and the approval of his father.

Floyd Jr. is 11 years old. His life consisted of daily training in the boxing gym and constant beatings from his father.

Little Floyd did not have an ordinary childhood with a trip with his father for fishing or a trip out of town. Instead, they did not crawl out of the boxing halls.

Floyd Jr. tried his best to please his father and changed his mother’s last name, Sinclair, to his father’s last name – Mayweather.

In winter, to get to the hall had to overcome meter drifts.

Floyd Jr. worked tirelessly in training. Everyday. So that he could reach the pear, the boxers in the gym put little Mayweather on an old apple box.

Mayweather Jr. did not go through all the temptations and dangers of adolescents: drugs, alcohol, violence. He just boxed and did not stop in this business for a second.

When Floyd Jr. was sixteen, his father was still imprisoned for drugs for 5 years.

In order to somehow improve the situation in the family, Mayweather Jr. had to drop out of school. With the help of boxing, he wanted to make a living.

Life really became boxing, and boxing became life. At sixteen, Floyd won the nationwide Golden Gloves competition. He looked at the huge cup that was handed to him and decided that from now on he had no right to lose.

Insight 3. The Vision of the Goal, Daily Work and Self-confidence Will Sooner or Later Lead to Success.

Floyd never lost heart. Neither the absence of a normal childhood nor the beatings from his father broke him.

At eighteen, he already knew what poverty was and how to financially pull the whole family on himself.

Floyd as if born a winner. Before each fight, he always told himself that he would win and would box without errors. Mayweather Jr. instilled confidence in himself.

October 11, 1996, in Las Vegas at the age of nineteen, Floyd Mayweather Jr. entered the professional ring.

He was wearing dazzling black shorts, a sparkling jacket, thin eight-oz red leather gloves – and no helmet.

Floyd Mayweather wanted to prove to everyone that he deserves his last name and will succeed.

Mayweather hit the opponent. The strikes were fast and powerful. 64 seconds after the start of the round, the opponent has already squatted down. And in the second round, Mayweather won by knockout.

Amateur boxing was over, and he no longer “played” boxing. Mayweather Jr. was convinced that he was born to become the best boxer in the world. Now it remains for everyone to prove it.

Mayweather’s beliefs and diligence were influenced by the perfectionism that his father instilled in him. This gave Mayweather confidence in himself not only in battles but also in difficult situations.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is now forty-one years old. He has fifty fights and not a single defeat.

Floyd Mayweather is the highest-paid athlete in the world, his fortune is estimated at more than one billion dollars.

“I’m not here to find out how much I can get or how many hits I can take. I’m in the game to fight as long as possible. ” Floyd Mayweather Jr

The Main Idea

Believe in your dream, no matter how crazy it may seem. Childhood greatly affects us, but only we choose who we become and what we will achieve.

Nothing can break you. Belief in oneself and daily work are the only way to succeed.

The story of Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an example of how a guy from a dysfunctional family without money could become the world’s first billionaire in boxing.


Why You Should Read “Money”

  • To get to know Floyd Mayweather biography in details
  • To get inspired by his extraordinary life
  • To find out the secrets that stand behind his success

This book is available as:

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