Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G. Allen [Book Summary]

by Nick

In this book, you will learn how to play a game called money and win. The author tells how it is possible to secure income streams in the plural, how to achieve financial freedom. From the book, you will learn 10 additional ways to make money.

We are talking about unusual sources of income.

You will learn how to secure collateral or residual income rushing to you 24 hours a day, even when you are sleeping.

By following the simple principles outlined here, you will secure lifelong financial prosperity and an economically prosperous old age. You will master a simple system of managing your own finances, learn how to invest your financial surpluses and at the same time sleep soundly at night. You will learn how to secure multiple streams of income for the rest of your life, and learn how to evaluate your growing financial empire by spending no more than 10 minutes a day on it.

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You can also financially ensure a prosperous future for your children and loved ones.

Through his best-selling books and seminars targeting an international audience, Robert Allen taught thousands of people how to achieve financial freedom. The stunning bestseller “Nothing Below” made Robert Allen one of the most influential investment advisors of all time.

20 years ago, Robert founded his Institute under the name of the Robert Allen Institute. For over 20 years, employees of this institute have been sharing with their students the secrets of achieving success and wealth.

The Wisdom of the Multiple Income Stream Principle

How many sources of income did the family need in the 50s to survive?


Today, only a small number of families are able to survive, relying on less than two sources.

But even this will not be enough in the future. The future promises to be unpredictable.

Therefore, it would be wise for you to stock up on more than one source of income.

To successful people, this was always as clear as God’s day. When one source dries up, there are many others that provide them with prosperity. “Ordinary” people are much more vulnerable in this regard. Having lost one of the sources, they are losing in value their wealth.

And to restore it to the previous level, sometimes many years go by.

In the future, you will need a portfolio of sources of income – not one or two, but many cash flows from various sources of nature so that when one of the sources runs low, you almost do not feel it. Your wealth is stable. You have time to fix it. You feel safe.

Do you have enough sources of income at the moment? Perhaps it is time to add at least one new one to the existing ones.

Easy money: financial freedom for a dollar a day

It all starts with a simple currency.

In the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand, this is the dollar, in the UK – the pound, in France and Switzerland – the franc, in Germany – the mark, in Japan – the yen.

Whatever country you live in, take a wallet out of your pocket right now, take a piece of paper of one unit of your national currency from it and carefully examine it. Rub it. Touch. Now bring it to your nose. Does money smell?

Carefully review the images on the banknote. Pay attention to the serial number.

Now flip. Examine the strange signs printed on the banknote. What can they mean? Imagine that you are looking at a surface dotted with protective equipment through a microscope. Try to see and read every word printed on the banknote. The paper you hold in your hands does not look like something especially valuable, does it? Inflation reduces its real value daily. What if you would spend it on the same trifle as she herself would you lose or even throw it away?

Wait a moment, however. Could it be that this paper currency is worth more than can be inferred from a simple look at it? Could this be your magic ticket to a more luxurious life, when you can live anywhere, do anything and have any material wealth? One thing is certain. The fact that people have feelings for such “pieces of paper” is almost the main condition for whether they manage to find prosperity in life and turn it, figuratively speaking, into a solid “banquet of prosperity”.

Every dollar is a money seed. Just as a tiny acorn contains within itself the power to turn it into a huge oak, each one-dollar bill has the potential to grow into a prolific money tree.

You are able to grow at least one such tree for only $ 1 a day. Can you afford the expense?

If you follow the advice outlined in this book, you will soon become the owner of your own majestic money tree, growing exactly in the middle of the living room of your dreams.

Just imagine such a picture! The branches of your money tree scatter like plush on the ceiling in all directions and penetrate all the rooms of your house. On each branch, at intervals of half a meter, the fruits ripen, which, upon reaching maturity, open with a sound like a cork from a glass of champagne, once or twice a day, spawning with crispy 100-dollar bills. Falling from a tree

banknotes fall into harvest baskets arranged throughout the house. All night you hear the sounds (clap, clap, clap!) Of unfolding ripened fruits. You might think that these incessant sounds will prevent you from sleeping at night, but in reality, they will lull you. Your money tree will bear fruit 24 hours a day: when you sleep, when you are at work, when you watch TV or eat. It never ceases to bear fruit ever. Infinite cash flow. Whenever you need money, you just take how much you need from one of the baskets.

Sounds good, right?

By destroying the acorn, you will cause death … of a tree that could grow out of it. Whenever you unreasonably spend one of the pieces of paper representing banknotes, this also leads to the death of a potential money tree.

That is why it is so important to save money seeds.

Suppose you would start depositing your dollar into your bank account per day, starting from the day you were born.

“Spending” on the dollar a day, you can grow capital in the amount of 1 billion by the time you retire! This is a whole forest of money trees.

The power of compound interest makes an insignificant amount invested sensibly every day, turn into huge capital. No wonder Einstein himself said: “The most outstanding discovery of man is compound interest.”

But suppose you don’t want to wait 66 years. Well, there is another way to speed up the process of saving growth. Could you plant two or three seeds per day instead of one?

What about five? And then? Will it be tangible for you? Okay, let’s put it another way. If you started investing 10 pathetic bucks every day in a good mutual investment fund, or in stocks, or in real estate, and if you knew how to achieve at least 20 percent income, you would become a millionaire in some 20 years! (Clap, clap, clap, clap.)

Well, how does it make an impression?

I bet that from now on you will think hard before you uselessly spend one of the green pieces of paper called money. It’s the same as throwing a $ 1 million worth of money tree seed into the bin.

The main purpose of this chapter is to change your attitude towards money in general and, in particular, to the very one-dollar banknotes we started with. I have no shadow of doubt that you are able to save $ 30 a month on business, even if you have the most meager budget. Over time, you will certainly want to bring this amount to 100, 200, 300 and more dollars a month. The greater the number of funds used for future use, the better. The more you go for the future, the faster your wealth will grow.

Proceed immediately. And act on a regular basis.

One important word is constancy. The amount of money invested is not as important as the constancy of your investments for a long time.

Ten Minutes to a Millionaire

The path to wealth, if you wanted to find it, is as simple as the path to the nearest market. The main things in gaining wealth are two qualities: industriousness and frugality: this means not wasting time or money, but, on the contrary, using them in the best way. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Successful people use seven financial secrets. I call them secrets, not because only a few of us know about their existence, but because only a few of us actually use them. These secrets are the habits, skills, habits, and habits of handling money that real financiers possess.

I am convinced that if you had acquired these skills and habits, wealth would have poured into your hands as part of numerous streams from the mountain range of inexhaustible wealth. What more could you want? Money in sufficient quantity to buy anything: houses, cars, trips to resorts, freedom. The surplus that you can share with people close to you. Security. Peace of mind. Here’s what the skills and habits mentioned bring you.

Basic “money” skills

The first money skill: Appreciate the money. When you make money with your own labor, value it.

The second money skill. Disposal. The first step to taking your finances under full control is to develop the simplest possible system to streamline your financial life. You may already have something similar. Perhaps you are using some popular computer program like Quicken or Microsoft Money. Be that as it may, I think you will learn a lot of useful things for yourself by mastering a very simple system, which I call flows and flows.

Most people are content with just one simple stream (the main source) of personal income – their salary. It flows into the reservoir of personal wealth, but this reservoir, however, has a number of leaks through which the outflow of funds from the personal budget of a person is carried out.

Most live in such a way that they spend every cent earned and something else in addition. Obviously, the only way to financial prosperity is to minimize the loss of money supply caused by the mentioned “leaks” and to supplement existing income streams with new ones so that a person has those same multiple streams of income. It is imperative that the leaks be plugged as tightly as possible and at the same time prevent the flows from drying out. How many financial flows do you currently have? How many leaks can you count in your own cash tank?

The third money skill. Save The key to successful planning is managing revenue streams. You not only need to make the funds flow into your tank, but also cope with the leaks so that by the end of the month something remains in the tank. This balance is an important condition for financial growth. This surplus of funds can be

invested. The goal of the money game is to collect enough invested funds so that the profit received from them ensures you a quiet existence. In this regard, the third monetary skill is the ability to save the surplus.

The word save has two meanings:

1) pay less for their acquisitions;

2) to save, not to allow to disappear, and also to create a profit from the saved funds by putting them in a savings bank, etc. Some people are good at saving … because they like to buy cheaper. But they absolutely can’t save in the second meaning. Wealthy people do both. They love to save money: buy products in bulk, bargain, receive discounts. They hate to pay the retail price. And now you know why. Each dollar wasted marks a lost forest of future money trees.

50 ways to save $ 50 a month

  1. Make purchases using the shopping list, and never deviate from it.
  2. Just say “no” to ATMs requiring a commission – plan ahead when you need cash.
  3. What are the high commissions at your bank? CHANGE BANK.
  4. Do not let the debt accumulate on your credit card!
  5. If the debt is unavoidable, look for a card with a lower interest rate.
  6. When applying for an insurance contract, look for policyholders requesting minimum premiums.
  7. When insuring a house or a car, strive to achieve maximum deductions.
  8. Do you have private mortgage insurance? If the purchased share of real estate has reached 20%, you no longer need such insurance.
  9. Order drugs by mail after a long course of treatment.
  10. Ask your doctor to prescribe a cheaper medicine.
  11. Check medical and hospital bills for possible errors – many insurance companies offer to reimburse the overpayment.
  12. Rent – never buy – what you will use only a few times.
  13. Turn your backyard into a store – sell unnecessary things.
  14. Fly with cheap flights and look for those that are even cheaper.
  15. Using the “wait for connection” twist? Not always? Give up those extra phone services you don’t need.
  16. Contact your friends via email instead of calling.
  17. Avoid cinemas – rent cassettes.
  18. Do you eat in restaurants? Cook at home more often.
  19. Take lunch with you to work.
  20. Do not buy this book! You have a library membership!
  21. Clear the space in your inbox – do not subscribe to magazines that you do not read.
  22. Go to a parade or get out on a picnic – free entertainment is sometimes the best.
  23. Chat with friends in the car. Agree on the joint operation of vehicles.
  24. Be closer to the people – try not to use a taxi.
  25. Buy airline tickets always in advance – and always spend Saturday wherever you fly. You can have some fun, and it’s cheaper!
  26. Stop attending your health club – prefer your local gym.
  27. “PREMIUM COUPONS” and “DOUBLE PREMIUM COUPONS” comments are superfluous.
  28. What is your brand name? Buy something that is no worse.
  29. Stop using paper towels – wash ordinary ones.
  30. Think before buying instant products: they are expensive and not very healthy.
  31. Become a regular at a small wholesale store.
  32. Adhere to the “trust but verify” policy regarding laser barcode readers, and at the same time received checks on hand – errors occur.
  33. Avoid specialty stores – prices there often “bite”.
  34. For comparison, buy something on the Internet.
  35. Is there a trunk? Buy so much that you could not carry away.
  36. Top grade gasoline for your car? Most ride perfectly without him. Check the user manual if you do not believe it.
  37. Forget the words “automatic car wash” – wash the car yourself and breathe fresh air.
  38. Having decided to change the oil in the car, contact the car mechanics at the corner, not the service center.
  39. Never pay too much for after-sales service or for the
  40. extension of the warranty – the manufacturer’s warranty is usually sufficient.
  41. Refuse expensive channels that do not watch, or even refuse cable television.
  42. Leave the heater alone! Better wear a sweater.
  43. Take a shower instead of a bath.
  44. Turn on the dishwasher only when it is full of dishes.
  45. Invite experts to check your home for
  46. energy-saving properties – many companies offer such services for free.
  47. Never pay more than necessary for insurance of a rented car – you may already be protected with your credit card or ordinary car insurance.
  48. ​​DO NOT PLAY THE LOTTERY – the chances of being killed by lightning are higher than the chances of winning.
  49. Is it time to refinance a house? Watch out for interest rates!
  50. First, pay yourself – save for a dollar a day.
  51. Buy yourself a piggy bank for coins that constantly reside in your wallet.
  52. Do not spend your next raise to your salary – INVEST IT IN ANYTHING.

Success in the securities market: investing for idiots

Do not gamble; better take all your savings, buy good stocks on them and wait until they rise in price, then sell them. If they do not rise in price, do not buy them. WILL ROGERS.

Anyone who concludes more than three exchange transactions a day, it is clear why financial literature is bought five times more circulation than erotic. ALAN GREENSPENE.

The best way to predict the future is to come up with it. ALAN KEY

Buy well and hold tight. JOHN C. BOGL


Fourth Cash Skill: Invest.

Investing is a passive act. It does not imply active trade in goods and services. This is simply the timely purchase and subsequent sale of securities, which are stocks, bonds, options, certificates of deposit, etc. To be a good investor, you do not need to carry out business in the usual sense of the word, you do not even need to communicate with people for this. You can remain anonymous or post your investments while sitting at the computer while having a modem and a phone. Although investing in itself may take you only a few minutes a day, the resulting profit will accumulate and grow (using the compound interest formula) for a long time.

This is such an important skill that I included it in the mountain range of Financial Freedom as a separate mountain – Investments. If the latter can be described as a passive accumulation of wealth, the other two (Real Estate and Marketing) are, of course, a more active way of making money. This is when you need to be able to make money. This implies your active participation for months and even years in getting cash flows to you continuously.

Concentrate on three simple tasks:

  • – choose the best deals;
  • – choose the time to buy;
  • – choose a time for sale.

Three important questions correspond to these three tasks, the answer to which you need to find if you want to achieve great success on the stock exchange:

  • – how to determine which stocks to buy (how to choose the best
  • deals);
  • – how to find out when it is time to buy (how to choose the time to buy);
  • – how to find out when it is time to sell (how to choose the time to sell).

Sometimes you need someone who can point the way

Most people live completely overlooking the incredible opportunities that exist around them.

I recall a story that happened at the beginning of the twentieth century. The woman saved up many years to emigrate to America and finally raised enough money to buy an ocean liner ticket. Since she had little savings, she spent most of her time in the cabin, rationally spending the food she took with her on the road. When one day was left at the place of arrival, she decided to invest in a restaurant. She appeared at the last a la buffet and, getting ready for the worst, timidly asked the head waiter how much it would cost for dinner. “But, madam, don’t you know? Meals are included in the ticket price. You can take as you wish, it’s all free. ”

In life, this happens all the time. Does anyone need to live a lifetime to make sure by the end of their own experience that, if someone taught you in due time, you could achieve everything that you only wanted? Without significant efforts, beyond what you are spending now, you could, like that woman, enjoy the opportunity and take full advantage of it.

However, enough persuasion from you. Let’s get started.

I will tell you how to provide unlimited time income from network marketing classes.

Bad news first. It is estimated that approximately 90% of people starting to engage in network marketing fail. And that’s why.

The vast majority of those who embark on this new business for themselves do not have the necessary commitment. Since their initial bids are low (a distributor’s ad set for $ 50 and a couple of hundred dollars worth of products), nothing can stop them from quitting their job at any time. (Simply after spending the purchased goods on themselves, they exit the game.) Many simply give in to difficulties of any kind. As they say, easily acquired is easy to lose.

Since the conditions for connecting to the network are simple, most people interested in earning money apply to network marketing. Such people perceive network marketing as a game like a lottery. You buy a cheap ticket, and even if the winner does not fall out, the trouble is small. There are people who change companies like gloves – they even gave a special name.

MLM (multi-level-marketing) and junkies drug dealers. – Note per. From my own experience, I know that if you separate the grains from the chaff, then those who perceive network marketing as a serious business are among the most responsible, purposeful and otherwise wonderful people I have ever met.

At the same time, there are also many who, although they work hard while engaged in network marketing, do not achieve proper results for some reason. After five years of scrutinizing this business, I fully understood what was working in this business and what wasn’t. In the same way as I did in relation to real estate transactions, I identified three basic principles on which to base my activities in network marketing. Following the following three basic principles, you will also no doubt succeed:

Principle 1. Know how to choose a company.

Principle 2. Know how to use a marketing system.

Principle 3. Know how to work with people.

You have to be a special person, able to look into the future, to abandon the hardships of ordinary life and say: “I don’t want to live like that anymore”, and then take some steps in order to find a new quality of life. Even if you are currently making good money, it may not be so great if your lifestyle doesn’t suit you.

I propose a seven-step plan. Let’s call it the 21-day trial.

Step 1.Take at least five to your needs, and an average of 10 hours a week. This is approximately one hour a day. Most people will find this difficult, as time is running out. Calm down, I will teach you how to secure an income by snatching a minute here, a moment there. You will be surprised how skillfully allocating your time and properly prioritizing, you can ensure a continuous increase in additional income. Do you have a desire to achieve this?

Step 2. Be content with the small.

Yes exactly. You can hear boastful promises that someone will help you earn huge sums of money … 100 thousand dollars a year – in just three weeks! This is simply unrealistic. Therefore, let’s moderate our appetites. Tune in to a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars a month. When the checks begin to arrive, and you prove to yourself that, taking into account your personal qualities, personal time and other circumstances, you are capable of more, only then you can decide whether to pursue really big dollars.

Step 3. Make a list of energetic people eager to earn money, including 21 people. Twenty-one. No more no less. Choose among people who, as you know, might be interested in an additional source of income. I repeat: do not include anyone if you are not sure whether he or she is interested in extra income. I call these people hot contacts because these are people you know well — friends, colleagues, relatives, people from the society you are a member of. You have to send them a package with information that is completely unobtrusive; the purpose of the package is to find one person, one in twenty-one, who would be interested in the offer. I repeat you need only one person from all those included in the list.

Step 4. Prepare 21 sets of promotional materials for distribution

Almost every day you meet new people or have the opportunity to meet someone; You see people with whom you personally are not familiar, but who might well be interested in additional income. I call such people warm contacts, bearing in mind that they cannot be called complete strangers to you. Soon I will teach you how you can very unobtrusively hand the twenty-one cassettes you have prepared in advance to 21 people over the next 21 days. The goal of your actions is to find one person out of twenty-one who might be interested.

Step 5. Time to act. Drop 21 packages into your inbox

After you send the materials to your “hot contacts”, shift the focus of attention to letting one person listen to one tape a day. This should become a habit. One cassette per day should be handed to someone, whatever the cost. Do you think you can do this? For 21 days, without interruptions?

I’ll tell you how to succeed in this. Notice how many people cross your life every day. In the diner where you have lunch; in the store where you buy products; in the gym, where you maintain your fitness; in the park where you walk; at work, in addition to your immediate colleagues. There are a lot of possibilities.

Your task is to offer one interested person a day to listen to the tape. How do you know that he is “interested”? Having opened the conversation, ask him: “Have you ever thought of doing something that would provide you with additional income?”

If he answers “yes”, then say: “I, you know, too. Honestly, I have already embarked on the practical implementation of my intention. Over the course of the 21st day, I am going to distribute one cassette per day, which would help me find someone who is interested in additional sources of income. I have a very interesting tape that I would like to give you a listen … Would you like to? ”

Write down his name, phone number and arrange that you call back at the appointed time, and before bowing, add the following: “It will interest you or not, it doesn’t matter. I’m just looking for someone who would like to significantly improve their well-being. My goal is to help this person start making money in the first 30 days. When I call you back, I’m not going to persuade you to become this person … If what you hear on the tape does not convince you, then this is not for you. I will call only to find out your opinion. Just tell me honestly what you think in this regard, whether you liked it or not … I will not be offended if you do not like it.

You will offend me only if you do not say anything. When I call, just tell me: “It’s interesting, let’s try it,” or: “You know, it seems like it doesn’t suit me .”

Step 6. Tracking success.

This is the most important step. This is the moment of truth, after which either failure or victory. You do not have the right to expect that people will start poking your money, simply because you sent advertising materials to someone by mail and distributed tapes. We are all very busy these days. Most of us need to explain something many times before the idea is fully accepted by us.

Step 7. Increase the likelihood that one person out of twenty-one will say yes.

  1. Three-way telephone conversation. I highly recommend that you ask your sponsor – the person who attracted you to the organization and oversees you – to be with you during your first call – not only for moral support but also to give weight to your words (in network marketing, we call it a “three-way call”). Involve your sponsor in subsequent contacts.
  2. If possible, meet with candidates for an in-person discussion.

The Internet. To the state of everything a mouse click!

The Internet. How many times have you heard this word this week? What is the general delight about? Is the Internet long and serious or doomed to finish one day in a high-tech cemetery?

The Internet has come seriously and for a long time. And this is not a fad of computer boys. This is the most outstanding business innovation in its history. I could give you data on how many hundreds of millions of people access the Internet every day and every year, but everything changes so quickly that by the time of reading these lines all sorts of numbers are hopelessly out of date. The Internet is not a speck on the radar screen of big business. The Internet is a wave of breathtaking proportions. And you have a choice: either sit on this wave to rush straight for prosperity, or lag behind life and be content with little.

Are you already connected to the network? If not, stop reading and go connect immediately.

Yes, that is so important. Go now. I do not want you to lag behind life. When you return, I will tell you how to make money from the notorious sequences of zeros and ones.

If you already have access to the Internet, start your computer immediately. We are going to ride on the information superhighway with a breeze.

Marketing is the oxygen for any business. Without good marketing, you will not last long in the business. In ordinary life, marketing is expensive, moreover, one of the biggest expense items. Therefore, if a mistake is made, it can jeopardize the very continued existence of your business.

The Internet has led to a radical rethinking of marketing views. Firstly, it significantly reduced the cost of any marketing campaign. It makes it possible for you to find new customers for a thousand dollar cents, as opposed to hundreds of thousand dollars, as in traditional marketing. More importantly, the Internet allows you to re-connect with new customers and engage in dialogue with them at almost zero cost.

In other words, the benefits are obvious, and they are stunning.

Due to this cost reduction, companies are connecting to the Internet in batches. Apparently, in the new millennium, a mandatory attribute of business success will be the possession of your own page on the Internet. But if you want to make money on the Internet, getting your own page is just the beginning. This is the same as putting a billboard in the heart of the Nevada desert … If no one sees it, then it’s as if it’s not there. Nobody needs him.

If the three main words in real estate are location, location, location, then on the Internet is traffic, traffic, traffic. Your most important task is to direct traffic to your site. I repeat: an Internet page in itself is nothing. But traffic is everything. By traffic, I mean other people visiting your site. The more visits you get, the higher the return on your site.

Your website is that imaginary city in the middle of the desert. If you are able to attract people’s attention to it – to provide traffic – and provide incentives to visit your site again and again, then everything that you posted on it will jump sharply in price. Consider that you are the owner of all real estate in your “city”. You are the owner of all commercial buildings, entertainment centers, supermarkets, all residential buildings. You are the owner of all television channels, all radio stations, all newspapers and all billboards at every intersection. No traffic — no one needs it all. And with traffic, you can rent all your property for crazy money! This is how important traffic is.

Business Model 1. Information Marketing

Many are very successful in trading information on a global network. The strengths of the Internet are particularly at hand in this type of business.

In the old days, for a young info-trainer to break into the world of publications meant to overcome a lot of obstacles. The chances that your book would be published by a regular publisher are extremely small. The Internet offers incredible opportunities. To publish and sell the book, you are quite able to do without a publisher, literary agent, printing house, public relations specialist, bookstore, finished goods warehouse, sales agents, freight transport, office space, employees. And a great mind is not required for this.

Business Model 2. Network Marketing

Success goes with many online network marketing companies. As in the previous case, the principles of the global information network are as if deliberately invented in order to ensure success for an intelligent businessman. In the old days, it was especially difficult for beginners to “get off the ground.”

The first thing they were taught was to make a list of 200 closest friends, neighbors, and acquaintances and then impose their goods on them until they bought something. Not much time passed when the poor fellow distributors turned into local pariahs – members of the OBD club, that is, “Left Without Friends”.

It’s time to give network marketing the spirit of true marketing. It’s time to stop terrorizing friends and start a serious search for people truly interested in the products we offer. I am firmly convinced that the future of network marketing is on the Internet, and those who are now learning how to apply an effective online network marketing strategy have a chance in the near future to leave their competitors far behind.

Marketing on Your Own Site

Having properly prepared and having acquired the necessary stock of knowledge and skills, you are ripe for working on your own site. The purpose of your site is to be a valuable source of information for anyone who is interested in your offers, whether it be know-how, physical products or some paid services.

The three important types of information on your site, among other things, should be the following:

  1. Free reading material on special topics;
  2. Free audio/video clips;
  3. A free newsletter sent to subscribers by e-mail.

For every visitor, your site should impress that here you can get a lot of valuable information, and it’s completely free. Even if your business is to sell consumer goods (for example, bagpipes), you should still strive to provide your website visitor with some free information (for example, instructions for keeping the bagpipes in good condition; files with a record of a professional bagpipe game that you allow to copy ; a free newsletter for bagpipe fans).

Your goal is to add as many visitors to your site as possible to your database of email addresses. In pursuit of this goal, your task is to offer them some benefits that will motivate them to subscribe to your free newsletter. When people express a desire to periodically receive a newsletter from you, and they announce it by subscribing, they thereby give you permission to contact them by e-mail. Thus, they now perceive mail from you not as “commercial garbage”. Your newsletter and other information coming from you, they are now classified as priority mail.

The other side of the aforementioned goal is the possible soon completion of the list of subscribers’ addresses of your newsletter. Remember that this list is akin to the gold mine you have been given to develop. It will be the basis for the operation of your list server, which we discussed above.

An eight-step action plan to increase traffic to your site

Since your highest goal is to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter, you absolutely need to work to expand the traffic to your site so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to subscribe. I will tell you about eight ways to achieve this.

  1. Indicate your e-mail and website address where possible

Allow all that you use in your work to be a source of information about what your email and web site addresses are. Business cards, stationery, letterhead, fax blanks, etc. Turn this information into an integral part of your, so to speak, current biographical data, reaching the point that when you sign a letter, indicate how to contact you on the Internet. Such a measure should initiate at least a thin stream of visits to your site. Now try to expand its channel.

  1. Join newsgroups and try to find customers here.

There are thousands of newsgroups who prefer anything. Find people whose interests coincide with yours, for example, money, and join them, becoming one of the participants in the exchange of information and discussions on financial topics within the registered newsgroup. Read messages from other

info trainers and get information about how they find their customers and attract people to their sites. In most newsgroups, it is considered bad form to exchange commercial messages, but there are many who tolerate this.

  1. Rent Email Lists

There are hundreds of mailing lists, divided into dozens of topics. However, as in the case of regular mail, commercial e-mail messages sent without the consent of the recipient, so to speak, uninvited commercial information, are usually perceived with some degree of bias, in contrast to information received in response to a personal request. One of the great qualities of the Internet is that the mere fact that people visit your site implies a certain interest in it, and therefore you can certainly expect a certain susceptibility from your visitors to what you can offer them.

  1. Take advantage of free advertising

There are hundreds of places on the Internet where you can post a free ad. But their deployment is constantly changing. If you want to see the current list of sites that post free advertising, go to and select the phrase to search for Free Advertising. I will send you the list by email immediately.

  1. Free links, link exchange, banner exchange, cross-advertising.

Sometimes you will come across sites that offer goods and services that, to one degree or another, complement those that you offer. For example, if you are selling keyboard electronic musical instruments, you might come across a site selling popular arrangements for piano and electronic keyboard instruments. If it seems to you that the business on this site is booming and there are many visitors, it’s in your best interest to try to convince the site owner to place a link to your site. Some website owners may even agree to a free link or banner.

  1. Use reasonable paid advertising services

Do not underestimate the possibilities of paid advertising on the Internet. If you have previously been interested in this kind of advertising, then you may know that one of its features is unpredictability. Not being able to properly implement their intentions, you can lose a lot of money. The most important condition for an effective advertising campaign is its selectivity.

  1. Use traditional, “non-online” methods to solve the problem of increasing traffic.

You probably do not suspect how good results can be achieved in increasing traffic using a good regular marketing campaign by mailing. A number of the most successful periods in my business on the Internet were made possible by a combination of online advertising with direct mail mailing or advertising “deck of cards” (advertising on postcards by direct mail).

Mailing lists can be a great way to put your site on sight.

Your Financial Strength: How to Protect Your Income

Creating multiple streams of income can bring benefits that most people only dream about. But the main thing in life is not the material goods that a person is able to get. The main thing in life is people who fill your life with meaning and happiness. First of all, it is your family and friends. Many people come to this conclusion after passing serious trials, for example, when they lose overnight everything that they have accumulated over many years. Perhaps this is a sure way to learn the lesson, but it should, however, be recognized as extremely costly.

That’s right, at any moment in life, you can lose everything. I lost everything I had twice in my life. And every time he suffered, felt the bitterness of loss, and, most importantly, understood that everything had happened “out of stupidity.” Fortunately, during any crisis, my family was with me to help me survive the storm. Each member of my family: my wife and three of my nice guys – deserves a medal for standing shoulder to shoulder with me to the end.

Having learned a lot from this experience, I would like to share it with you in this chapter. One of the main lessons I learned is how much easier it is to make money than to save it. Now I have great respect for those people who know how to accumulate wealth. And another lesson – sometimes a tiny mistake can to expose to terrible risk everything for which you worked so hard and for a long time.

That’s why I teach you how to build your life in such a way as to live like a millionaire but pass by a paper like a beggar. In other words, you must build a financial fortress around yourself and your family, impervious to the machinations of enemies. I know from personal experience that there are plenty of enemies looking for a way to rob you of your condition. You need to know what these enemies are and how to protect yourself and your condition.

Looking into the financial future of their family, people associate their concerns with issues that fall into the following broad categories:

  • – Payment of taxes and related planning.
  • – Property protection.
  • – Inheritance of property and related planning.

How to Balance Your Actions: Increase Your Own Effectiveness

Multiple Sources of Income? Lots of tasks? A lot of headaches!

How do you, with all your desire, cope with all the deeds and problems that fill your life? We need to take care of the family, find time for entertainment, devote some of our leisure time to friends, and, in addition, a myriad of other issues that need to be addressed, providing ourselves with multiple incomes. It can really “seize” anyone.

I recall in this regard the trick of the juggler with the plates. Do you know this? The juggler starts with one plate, forcing it to spin on a cane. Then on another cane, he spins the second plate. Then it does the same with the third. At this point, the first plate loses speed and threatens to fall, therefore, it returns to it to restore its normal rotation, after which it does the same with the second and third plates. AND here he adds a fourth to the three rotating plates.

Then the fifth. After that, he hurries to the plate from the previous ones that is about to fall. And now six plates rotate on the canes. And you, with a sinking heart, observe how he runs from one losing plate to another, managing to give it saving acceleration a fraction of a second before the catastrophe. Doesn’t it look like what happens to us in life almost every day?

But life has not always been as complicated as it is today. Some of you, perhaps with a hint of sadness, recalls the 50s, when one breadwinner was enough for the family, and a person with a job could be sure that he would not be fired until his retirement. And, regrettably, the Pandora’s box opened, and four great troublemakers entered the wild: global competition, a computer chip, the Internet and instant global communication. We live in a different world than the one in which our parents raised us. You need to adapt to it.

Remember the old Chinese saying? “A man chasing two hares misses both.” If Confucius lived in our time, he would probably say differently: “A man must chase ten hares to catch three.”

It should be remembered that the types of business by the type of “money tree” that you learned from this book are different from most other types of business activities. Their distinguishing feature is that with the growth of your successes, your participation becomes almost optional or minimal! They take time to “promote”, but then everything will go according to the law of a kind of inertia, i.e. by itself. This will give you time to “wrap up,” in addition to the previous ones, another profitable business.

Twenty-one tips for managing time in the twenty-first century.

At the same time, your work must be inherent inefficiency like never before.

If you are going to be engaged in a sole business at home, while in several areas, every second of time should be in your account. Let me tell you how to achieve the maximum performance in the shortest possible time so that you have enough time for leisure. Let’s set ourselves the goal of managing at least six sources of income at the same time, spending no more than one hour per day on all of this. In the remaining time, you can go shopping, play golf, in a word, do whatever you want.

  1. Remember that time is money
  2. The second piece of advice. All attention to the critical minority
  3. Third Council. Learn to put things off for later!
  4. Throw away your to-do list for today!
  5. Encourage yourself for a good job.
  6. The most “scary” in the first place.
  7. Take time to plan.
  8. Exercise the body
  9. Lay down things on top of each other
  10. Set specific goals for each source of income
  11. Know how to move from viewing the big picture to details
  12. Charge the others
  13. Proceed immediately
  14. Expose yourself with a four-square test at least once per month
  15. Love the word “no”
  16. Handle paperwork without delay
  17. For the first time, do it poorly
  18. Blitz. The beginning of every hour that your watch or the battle of city chimes will notify you of, let it be a signal for you to concentrate extremely on your work over the next 10 minutes. The clock was beeping – and give all your best for 10 minutes.
  19. Return to what has been done and give an assessment. Spend five minutes at the end of the day evaluating the day.
  20. Set Challenges Every Day
  21. The speed of a slow ride. The most, in my opinion, I left my good advice in the end. In his excellent book, “Life Balance,” Richard Eyre uses the concept of “slow ride speed,” proving the need for balance in our lives. The idea advocated by the author is that each of us must constantly work on important areas of our lives so that no sphere violates the general balance. At the same time, we are talking about six main sources of a full life, which should be tirelessly maintained in balance: essence, brain, body, time, people, money.

Over time, you will surely have the opportunity to make sure that the people who most admire you – who have achieved a lot and managed to save what they have acquired – are those who have achieved a balance between all areas of their lives. There is always the temptation to pursue one goal, forgetting about everything else.

The Final Words 

At the beginning of this book, I did everything I could to convince you to look at every dollar that you spend as if through a microscope — to care for every cent that is part of it, a seed of your future condition.

Now, at the end of this book, I want to encourage you to look at money as an object macroscopic and closely related to time; something that can grow into a huge mass and has the potential to bring good to people.

I urge you to what distinguished all the great philanthropists: to grow such a fruitful garden of money trees so that the fruits they bring can feed generations of people even many years after you are gone.

Why You Should Read “Multiple Streams of Income”

  • To become financially independent
  • To build multiple sources of passive income
  • To secure a better future for yourself and your loved ones

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