The Highly Paid Expert – Debbie Allen [Book Summary]

by Nick

Too many people are happy to help others solve their problems.

But very few people realize that such help can become a source of their constant and very decent income.

It is about the services of an expert.

In order to become one, it is not necessary to have years of study and professional experience behind your back. It’s good enough to understand a particular issue.

Everything else – the creation of a personal brand and its successful promotion – can be learned. 

“The Highly Paid Expert” will explain how to find your niche in an industry that offers virtually limitless possibilities.

It will provide readers with all the necessary tools for success.

The author says that the most difficult obstacle for many may be the need to overcome their own complexes and psychological attitudes.

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Everyone Can Become an Expert

The Internet allows you to find information in any area of interest to you.

But those who want to study a particular issue more deeply will need the help of a specialist on this issue, an expert.

Experts share their knowledge, provide recommendations and assist in solving problems.

There are many possibilities for this: books, audio, and video recordings, webinars, public speaking and personal consultations. Naturally, most often they are driven not only by the desire to help others but also by the desire to earn money.

“There has never been such a convenient moment as now to start an expert career in any field.”

Becoming an expert and loudly declare oneself practically to any person.

This does not require degrees and years of work in a highly specialized field.

If you have the knowledge, the desire to share it with others, the ability to sell your services, you can completely change not only your way of earning but also your lifestyle.

Taking the first steps as an expert or simply changing the direction of your professional activity, you should clearly understand your goals.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I turn my passion into a service?
  • Which of my skills and talents can I use to help others?
  • How do I see the development of my activity as an expert?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How will the growth of material well-being affect my life?
  • What goals will financial independence allow me to achieve?

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Overcome Your Own Fears

To succeed as a highly paid expert, you must overcome your fears and doubts.

The very thought of a possible failure often prevents people from taking at least one step towards their goal.

Remember, even successful people have to struggle with their fears. But one who is firm in his decision finds the strength and motivation in himself to go forward no matter what.

To overcome fear in yourself, follow simple rules:

  • Recognize, analyze your doubts and try to rebuild your mindset. Focus on the reward that ultimately awaits you.
  • Recognize that failure is an essential element of growth. We often learn the most important life lessons from failures.
  • Share your doubts with those who understand you and seek to help. Friends and colleagues you love and respect can provide you with invaluable assistance.
  • Try to overcome negative emotions, rise above them. Look for inspiration in music, books, and enjoyable events.

“It will become clear to you who your customers are and what income level you want to achieve when you define your goals and values, imagine the future of your business.”

To become an expert, you will need the help of other experts.

Such assistance includes, but is not limited to, training to increase the level of knowledge or skills you need. It can also include consultations, for example, on the issue of the cost of your services.

Otherwise, you risk underestimating yourself and asking for too low a price. Thus, a professional motivational speaker who has already achieved recognition can resort to the help of a sales specialist in order to learn how to sell himself more expensively.

“It often happens that experts adore their product and forget that they must satisfy the needs of customers, not their own.”

Your success as an expert depends entirely on your reputation.

The Internet and social networks today allow anyone to declare themselves as an authority in a particular area. But such statements must be confirmed by deep knowledge and high professionalism.

A true expert must also comply with ethical requirements and be a person who is trustworthy. The unconditional fulfillment of those promises that you give to your customers guarantees a stable demand for your services.

Strive for Uniqueness

The market for professional experts is crowded.

To stand out on it, you must create a unique personal brand that will connect you with the target audience.

Elements of this brand – your name, logo, company colors and advertising message that accurately describes your competitive advantages.

The right strategy for promoting your personal brand is based on a clear understanding of what your profitable differences from competitors are. It is also important to understand how your brand and the whole business will develop and evolve in the future and what obstacles may be encountered along the way.

“To be an expert means to bear a certain moral responsibility and provide clients with something that really has value.”

Allow enough time to develop the USP – a unique selling proposition.

In no more than 15 words, describe what you offer potential customers and why you are able to satisfy their needs better than your competitors.

Finding customers will not be easy at first, as you have not yet managed to earn yourself widespread recognition and a positive reputation.

“To attract an audience and become famous on the Internet, you must create valuable content and encourage users to share it with others.”

With the accumulation of experience and the establishment of relationships with the target audience, your customer base will begin to expand.

More and more people will learn about you, the demand for your services will begin to grow.

This will allow you to increase your rates. Having loyal customers is a hallmark of highly paid experts.

Often, such specialists sell their services in several ways at once: through books, audio recordings, public lectures and individual coaching.

Learn to Sell Yourself

You will not be able to gain your share of the market for expert services without confirming that you have extensive personal experience in your chosen field.

No one will believe an expert on managing personal capital if he himself does not have such capital. Although a complete order with personal experience and qualifications does not guarantee success.

To achieve it, you need to actively engage in “shameless self-promotion” – promoting yourself.

“Try to go as far as possible into your subject area and not go beyond it, so as not to offer customers something that you do not understand.”

Despite the fact that self-promotion is of great importance for attracting customers, most novice experts avoid it.

When it comes to the need to praise themselves, they begin to feel awkward.

In some cases, this behavior is explained by a program embedded in a person in childhood. Perhaps your parents did not like to take risks or simply explained to you that it is indecent to praise yourself.

Or they could not instill in you sufficient confidence in themselves and in their ability to achieve the most daring goals. It is difficult to get out of the swamp of established beliefs and rebuild thinking, but it is important to remember: you will not be able to reach your full potential if you refuse to sell yourself.

“Unfortunately, many of us are hindered by our internal rejection of the very idea of self-promotion.”

The secret to successfully promoting yourself on the market is the ability to reveal the outstanding features of your personality, but at the same time remain yourself.

Confidently express your views and beliefs. You need to very strongly and sincerely believe in the value of what you offer.

Then your faith will be passed on to your customers.

Be the First on the Web

Your business card is of great importance.

This is one of your sales tools. You can also miss the chance to make a favorable impression if your business card is overloaded with information, visually unattractive or does not reflect the essence of your business.

One of the main goals of your business card is to send potential customers to your website, where they can find out more about you and your services.

“In order to enjoy the selling process, you must first get rid of the prejudice about selling as such.”

Businessmen often spend huge amounts of money on advertising and organizing meetings with potential customers.

Thanks to the Internet, you can always be in the public eye of your target audience. The most important thing is to ensure that your name or the name of your company appears in the first lines of the search results.

The higher your position in search results, for example, Google, the more significant your authority will be considered by the audience. Conversely, if people find it difficult to find you on the Internet, they will have a question whether you should be trusted.

“You have to become famous on the Internet – this applies not only to the name of your brand, but also to your personal name.”

Without a visible presence on the Internet, your success as an expert is out of the question. On the Web, the main access point for customers to your business is your site.

Choose the right domain name for your site. Come up with a bright name that reflects the essence of your activity. Include keywords in it.

These are words that representatives of your target audience will use in their search queries when they need to find services on the Internet that are similar to yours.

After choosing a catchy name, use it as a domain name.

Register in your domain zone (“.sa”; “.au” and so on), but do not neglect “.com” as well. If your preferred domain name is no longer available, then most likely you will have to change the name of the company.

“Social networks can really be a strategic tool for promoting a business, but you should define indicators to measure your return on investment.”

It doesn’t matter if you create your site from scratch or remodel the old one: it should have a good design, be functional and easy to use. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing customers, and therefore profit.

Pay special attention to the texts posted on the site.

You can write them yourself or seek help from a professional copywriter.

Texts, especially on the main page, should be clear, concise and small in volume.

Be sure to check them for grammar and spelling errors. A good addition to the text on the main page is an introductory video. With it, you can introduce yourself to users and give information that will encourage them to study your site in more detail.

In exchange for an email address, offer users something for free – an e-book, a video tutorial.

Explore Social Networks

Become an active user of social networks, use them to attract visitors to your site.

Experiment with different social platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – and determine which one is most effective in terms of attracting users.

Do not forget that the ultimate goal of all your actions is to build up your client base. Follow the life of various online communities to always be aware of new trends in order to adequately and quickly respond to changing needs of your target audience.

“Enthusiasm is contagious … like negative energy.”

Videos are probably the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. Information in the form of video is easier to read and better remembered than information in the form of text.

Create your own YouTube channel and give it a name that will be well associated with your services. In the description for the videos uploaded to YouTube, indicate the address of your site and place a call to action.

To increase your chances of getting your videos on the first line of Google search results, be sure to include keywords in their titles. Try to keep your videos high quality.

If you are shooting the material yourself, make sure that the shooting location is distinguished by good light, low background noise, and the absence of various interference, such as the appearance of random people in the frame. If you are unhappy

Try Yourself in Coaching or Consulting

If you like helping people achieve their goals and personal development, coaching is an ideal option for you.

A coach is an expert who studies the needs of a client, helps him to reach his potential, directs the client to the set goal.

The high level of trust that arises between the client and the coach allows them to jointly overcome obstacles that appear in the way of the client. Coaches help in a variety of areas – career building, public speaking, relationships, personal growth and so on.

“So many people find themselves unable to realize their dreams and aspirations, mainly because fear prevents them from taking the next step.”

Do not confuse coaching with consulting.

Consulting services are usually provided to organizations.

Experts specializing in consulting analyze the problems that arise in companies and give recommendations on how to eliminate them and to increase efficiency.

Whatever format you choose, try to work with clients who are ready for change. You cannot achieve positive results with those who do not follow your advice. In the end, your income depends on it.

Experts are usually paid precisely for the end result – a solution to the problem.

Public Speaking and Sales

Some people like to speak in public; these people make public appearances the basis of their business and receive very significant fees for inspiring, entertaining and motivating the audience.

Some of them become real celebrities, the names of these experts are widely known.

“To stand out means to emerge from the” sea of facelessness. “

Another category of experts uses public speaking as a way of selling.

They do not receive royalties for their performances, but they often earn much more impressive amounts by selling their products and services to an audience directly. Such “public sales” require a special approach and skill.

The information you provide should instantly convince the audience that you are an authority whose opinion is best to heed. But do not give too much information.

The main goal of your presentation is not to help the audience solve their problems; you need to make it clear that you need to contact you for help in the decision.

You will need a PowerPoint presentation explaining the details of your proposal.

Even someone who does not like to sell can learn to feel comfortable on stage. 


  • If you are well versed in something and are ready to help others figure it out, then you can earn decent money as an expert.
  • One of the main obstacles to becoming an expert is the thought of a possible failure.
  • To become an expert, you may need the services and advice of other experts.
  • The success of an expert depends on his reputation and how much people trust him.
  • “Shameless self-promotion” is a mandatory component of the marketing strategy of an expert offering his services to the market.
  • For customers to believe in the value of your offer, you yourself must truly believe in it.
  • If you are hard to find on the Internet, then your potential customers may have doubts about your professionalism.
  • Video marketing can be the most effective tool for promoting your services.
  • If you are a coach, a positive result can be achieved only with those customers who are willing to change.
  • The purpose of the public presentation is to make it clear to those present that you are truly an expert and that you should turn to you for help.

Why You Should Read “The Highly Paid Expert”

  • To build a solid and recognizable personal brand
  • To become an outstanding expert in your field
  • To learn how to turn passion into a business

This book is available as:

 eBook | Print