The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma [Book Summary]

by Nick

This is a book about a lawyer who was outwardly successful, but deeply unhappy inside.

So he would have lived his life, outwardly bright and attractive, but actually boring and hopeless, if he had not earned a heart attack at work.

But everything in this life is not just like that, is it?

Therefore, the lawyer spat on his career and went to the mountains to the monks to comprehend the meaning of life and seek enlightenment.

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The Book That Changed the Lives of Many People

The book itself is built in the form of a dialogue between a lawyer who returned from the mountains (who lived 3 years among the monks) and his colleague.

This colleague just goes nuts from the changes that happened to the lawyer and eagerly hears his every word.

After all, it was not for nothing that he lived among the monks and absorbed their wisdom every day!

Yes, maybe someone will consider that the book talks about commonplace things. Like, nothing new, everything is already known.

But friends, do not forget that what has been known to you for a long time for another reader may turn out to be a discovery that will completely change his life.

If at least something from this list has affected you, then be sure that the monk who sold his Ferrari will teach you something useful. So, below you can read the main ideas from this book. 

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Key Ideas and Summary

Robin Sharma teaches us that the mind is a wonderful servant, but a worthless master.

A person passes through his mind approximately 60 thousand thoughts during the day. And only 5% of this gigantic amount of thoughts are new. The remaining 95% of thoughts are old, that is, what we thought about yesterday, a week, a month, a year ago … We chase the same thoughts in a circle.

Up to 60,000 thoughts rush through your head in a day!

But we could allow this soapy energy to think over something really important.

Just imagine how much we will progress if we reflect on what really drives us forward! 

Unfortunately, too often, we think of meaningless things. Since childhood, we get used to thinking uncontrollably. But since this is a bad habit, you can get rid of it by simply replacing it with a useful one. The fact is that we can’t control this world in any way.

External circumstances are beyond our control, but it depends only on us how we react to them. We can consciously choose the attitude towards people around them, their actions, current events.

In fact, no one can tell us what we should think about at one time or another. This right of choice is a unique feature of the human brain.

But do we often use this legal right?

Unfortunately no. And in vain!

Consciously approaching our thoughts, we can independently determine what we should concentrate on. The power of thought is not just a hackneyed expression. Our thoughts really create the world around us.

Therefore, it is important to think positively.

Judge for yourself: if we are mentally concentrating on our goals, then sooner or later we will begin to see the possibility of achieving the goal in real life.

After all, we pay attention to what is really important for us. And vice versa, thinking negatively, driving the same bad thoughts in our heads , we will meet only the confirmation that this world is terrible and unjust. 

What we expect is what we get. The world simply fulfills our desires (expectations).

Our life is not a series of mistakes, but a sequence of lessons. Life as a school always teaches something. The main thing is not to lose your mind with fear of mistakes, but to try to learn from everything that happens. In fact, there is no negative experience.

There are only opportunities for development and movement forward.

It makes sense to stop living with memories and start living with imagination. Everything is created twice: first in thoughts, and only then in reality.

Thus, it makes no sense to suck the same thoughts about the past.

Yes, lessons can be learned from past experience, but that’s all. Thinking about the future, in the colors representing what we want – we thereby launch the mechanism for the realization of desires.

Remember that feeling from childhood, when the whole world was open for us, and we realized that we could fulfill all our dreams. ?

So, it is this long-forgotten feeling that will help us now!

Think about what you want, not how bad it is. This will give strength and opportunity for the realization of our desires in life!

The secret to happiness is simple. You need to find your favorite business and devote your life to it. Of course, this business should benefit people. As soon as we realize our mission and begin to move in the right direction, then happiness will come.

Success will not make you wait a long time.

After all, what is done with the soul is always in demand. In addition, a conscious movement towards the main goal automatically attracts the fulfillment of all other desires.

Favorite business is the key to happiness! Be sure to find what you like 

If we can devote our lives to our beloved business, then this world will sparkle with new colors for us. Nothing else will be the same as before. Life will finally become joyful and harmonious.

Thus, the purpose of life is life with purpose.

Happiness is the achievement of a goal.

A person will never be happy if he does not strive for anything. He will not be happy at the destination either. Rather, some short-term sensation of happiness will undoubtedly appear, but also quickly disappear.

Happiness is on the way!

And it’s not enough to see the goal in front of you. We need to move towards its implementation. If your goal makes your eyes burn with fire, then you no longer need to seek happiness. Now it is always near you.

At least 10 minutes must be allocated daily for planning a future day. Just think about what you can do tomorrow to become better. And do it! Let this planning become your habit. Get better every day! Let it seem to you a slow development. But objectively (and for others), this will be crazy progress. The main thing is consistency!

Yes, we are all so busy, and it may seem that we have absolutely no time for this. But this is the same as if our car ran out of gas, and we would have no time to call for a gas station. There is always time. Another question is whether we dispose of it correctly.

There is such a word – “Kaizen”. Translated from Japanese, it means “continuous development, self-improvement.” No matter what: in life, relationships, career, business.

Either development or degradation, there is no third. And first of all, you need to develop yourself, your inner world, your character.

  • For how can a person manage a business if he does not know how to manage himself?
  • How can you raise children if you have not raised yourself before?

That’s right, there is no way to do it.

Therefore, you should always start with yourself.

All the limitations in our lives are created by ourselves. We can always get a little better, and this “little” eventually develops into something monumental.

A particularly effective means of self-development is to exit the comfort zone.

Finally, do what you have never done before. Perhaps this action will prove to be a necessary impetus for your progress!

Poor nutrition poisons our whole lives. Let gradually, imperceptibly, but it robs us of a colossal amount of strength and energy. Poor nutrition even clouds your mind. That is why it is so important to eat right.

Proper nutrition means more live food, fewer supermarket synthetics.

Live food is that food that contains the energy of life. For example, ripped from a tree. 

By eating mainly live food, you get fantastic health and incredible energy.

But if you poison your body with dead food, then you are depriving yourself of the joy of being. Persistent (including chronic) diseases, poor mood, blurred consciousness. And usually, it’s not even noticeable. We understand that we lived before as in a dream, only when we switch to eating live food.

Read every day at least half an hour a day and it will change your life.

Break free from the captivity of affairs and everyday fuss, and enjoy reading the literature that develops you. Develops in the area that you need.

Reading books, you can find a way out of any situation. After all, reading gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the centuries-old experience of other people.

A great day awaits him who rises with the sun.

Go to bed early, get up early. And you will be amazed at how effective you have become. By the way, it is very important not only to wake up early but also to spend the first hour of wakefulness as productively as possible.

In the morning you will have time to do much more than during the same time during the day.

Do things that develop the positive qualities of your character.

Character is formed by actions. And actions are the result of habit. Remember this wise saying: “Sow a habit – reap a character, sow a character – reap a destiny.”

This means that our daily habits eventually add up to our lives.

If you want to improve your life, then change at least one small habit – and the impact of this change will be enormous since one change will pull the others. Working with our habits and constantly improving, we build the life we ​​want. On the contrary, letting it all drift, we lose the right to choose and reap the benefits of our actions and habits.

True power is achieved only through constant exercises to develop oneself.

Willpower and discipline are the keys to a happy and successful life. See what happens.

If a person is even brilliant at least three times, he will burrow his talent into the earth if he does not have the proper discipline to achieve his goals.

And vice versa, even people without any special talents will certainly succeed if they train and use willpower. Willpower is a real treasure. It is a willpower that will help you overcome insurmountable obstacles, no matter how complex and dangerous they might seem to you.

How to develop and strengthen willpower? Only regular workouts!

Will is the main quality of a strong and purposeful person.

Alas, without willpower, all our talents and skills mean nothing. But there is good news. Willpower can be trained. Just start doing what you don’t love. For example, you hate making a bed. Fine! Now take and make your bed every morning, using willpower.

Don’t like walking? Great, now try to walk every day.

This seemingly stupid technique is fraught with hidden power. Regularly using willpower to overcome feelings of rejection, we thereby train it. For one cannot strengthen the willpower if it is inactive.

You will notice the results of such volitional training pretty soon.

Managing time means managing your destiny.

If a person understands that time needs to be spent wisely, he will find his happiness. Often the busiest people (especially their favorite thing) are the freest.

“How so?” You ask.

Planning is the secret. By learning to plan, we will be able to devote more time to precisely those things that are truly important to us.

But we should not feel constantly late somewhere. This simply does not make sense. Learn to enjoy the moment, learn to be here and now. The happiest people are those who understand that the end does not justify the means.

Of course, success is very important in life. But if in the name of success you sacrifice your peace of mind, then neither money nor fame will ultimately make you happy.

Have you noticed that often 20% of actions give 80% of the result?

That is why it is vital to be able to distinguish the main thing from the little things.

If you learn to determine what really moves you forward, then your life will become unrealistically effective.

Happiness is in simple things. The tragedy of modern man is that we put it off until later. Like, now, I’ll get a lot of money, and then … Or, for example, I will be promoted, and I can … Bullshit all this.

You can not put off life for later. Otherwise, it will be too late. 

Enlightenment is the ability to live in the present.

We have no power over the past or the future. But we can control what is happening now. Try to focus more on the current moment. After all, the utmost concentration on the ongoing business, especially if this business brings the goal closer, makes us really happy.

Happiness is not some beautiful place we strive to reach. Happiness is the journey itself. Live in the present and appreciate your every day!


Try to apply the information from the book in practice. And start doing this immediately after reading. Otherwise, the brightness and power of this book will fade over time, and after a year, 5 or 10 years, you will suddenly find that almost nothing has changed in your life.

So why would something change?

Theory without practice does not make sense, you already know it.

Why You Should Read “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”

You should find this book particularly useful if:

  • You hate your work and lifestyle.
  • You still haven’t found your favorite business.
  • You want to find peace with yourself.
  • You feel that you are degrading, not developing.
  • You want to have excellent health.
  • You want to do more and get tired less.
  • You do not mind learning to enjoy the little things.
  • You dream to learn to think positively.
  • You are tired of chasing elusive happiness.

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