Trump: How to Get Rich – Donald J. Trump (Book Summary)

Do not expect too much from this book – that it, for example, will give you any specific advice or substantially bring you closer to realizing your life goals.

The book of the famous billionaire is perceived as a fascinating reading rather than as a clearly organized guide. The author is not averse to doing self-promotion – energetically and not without humor tells a lot of stories about himself, his work, helpers, lifestyle, habits.

Practical recommendations cannot always be found in these stories – Trump’s rules are basically general and fairly predictable.

Managing a company is the same as commanding an army

Feel yourself a general in your company – no matter how many subordinates you have, one or a thousand. Make sure that only the best and most creative people you can attract work under your supervision. Mediocrity will only slow down.

Trump: How to Get Rich.” I named [the book] so because that’s what people ask me. They ask the baker how he bakes bread, and the billionaire how he makes money. ”

Meanwhile, finding the right people is not so easy – behind an impressive resume and attractive appearance is not always a valuable employee with the right attitude to work. The general’s concerns are the same: those who smugly swam in the rays of their success will easily be taken by surprise if disaster strikes.

“Once I published an ad“ I only work with the best, ”and this statement is still relevant.”

It is impossible to do business alone. Maintaining his business on the move is the task of the entrepreneur. He should be an example that his entire team is guided by, set the direction for the development, inspire others with his enthusiasm and stimulate growth. It bears responsibility for what goal to strive for and which way to go towards it.

“Find people who match your leadership style, and you will get rid of many problems in the future.”

Finding worthy associates is not an easy task: some people manage to create an ideal image for themselves at the interview, but this is the end of the matter.

Mastery consists of hiring people who would feel that they are part of your company, recognize their responsibility, and think about the future.

“… In the midst of a market crash, I saw a beggar on the street and suddenly realized that he was 9.2 billion dollars richer than me.”

You must convince such employees that you will be able to appreciate them, that you are not going to belittle them in any way, but, on the contrary, will respect their personal characteristics. If someone produces brilliant ideas in a dream, then let him sleep!

Success should not be an occasion to sit back but to roll up your sleeves. Let your goal be not the third tree on the right, but the whole forest. In other words, do not be too modest in your plans: the one who makes grandiose plans and wants to achieve as much as possible in life, success is easier than the one who “cooks on low heat.” If you have already taken one step up the career ladder, then regard it as the beginning of a further climb, and not as the end of the path.

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How to Make Your Way to the Top

There are important rules, following which to reach the heights of success is much easier.

  • Choose the right time. If you want to ask the boss to increase your salary, then you need to seize the moment when he is in the best mood, and not contact him when his contract is broken. In general, choosing the right time is especially important for solving financial issues.
  • Be persistent and patient. It may happen that you came up with a brilliant idea, but circumstances are developing too slowly. Then there is nothing left but to wait. If the matter is really important, then it must be brought to the end, no matter how long it takes. At the same time, you need to show maximum patience – success will come to you only in that matter in which you put your soul. If your mood spoils every morning from one thought about your project, then urgently look for another job – one that is fun to do it every day.
  • Be confident in yourself. If you are working on any worthwhile project, you should not keep silent about it – on the contrary, you need to clearly declare clearly its connection with your name and strive to ensure that someday you can earn on one name, which ideally should become a brand name.
  • Follow your intuition and be optimistic. Sometimes it is difficult to explain why an entrepreneur agrees to one transaction and refuses another. He probably does not know this himself, but he simply follows his sixth sense. You cannot learn this – you just need to have this instinct, as well as have a share of healthy optimism. It never happens that everything went smoothly – it will be easier for those who have prepared for failures to bear them.
  • Assess the risks. When you take on something new, you need to clearly think in advance what are the chances of success. Whether you are taking a new job or entering into a new contract, risk appetite has nothing to do with hara-kiri. A certain amount of caution never hurts. But the better you are aware in advance, the more the right decision you can make.
  • Show attention to detail. Whatever you do, make every effort to do this, take care of every little thing and literally delve into everything that is relevant to your project. So you protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.
  • Be positive. Anyone who overcomes a low level of flight – that is, their negative attitude – gaining altitude will discover completely new opportunities. Of course, this requires some courage and self-confidence, but without a positive attitude, you are like a plane without fuel. No one else will pull you up, you have to do it yourself.
  • Do not suppress your ego. If you do not lock it with a key, then your ego becomes a valuable companion on the path of career growth; it is it that forces you to “overtake”. True, too strong an ego can be dangerous for you.
  • Do the preparatory work, train. You thoroughly know what you are doing, and are confident that you are fluent in your craft – this is the basis of any success. To become a pianist and perform concerts, you need to study for years. No one immediately becomes a CEO; It takes a lot of time and effort to do something worthwhile.
  • Think hard. If you want a career, don’t let your gray cells rest. The brain works best when we think and read intensively. Do not be lazy to read books! Newspapers and magazines are also valuable reading material.
  • Remember that you are greeted by clothing. Successful people always dress according to the occasion. Based on how you are dressed, others make up an opinion about you, assign you a label. Think about whether you want to seem worse than you are, or is it better to dress so that your impression is true?

How to Win an Audience

Career is not done in a quiet office. It is necessary to reach people – to present their products, to give lectures, to speak to the public.

And do not be afraid, this can be learned!

How many people are sitting in front of you in the hall does not matter if you are familiar with the basic rules of public speaking.

  • The only one who knows his audience well will be able to communicate with her correctly.
  • Tell a story: people like it more than a dry talk.
  • Make contact with the audience: start by looking for common ground.
  • Feel like a showman: learn from popular TV presenters how to capture the attention of the public.
  • Do not make yourself a celestial: do not be afraid, together with others, to laugh at your own little flaws – this will make your sympathy.
  • Improvisation is a great seasoning for your “dish”, but only someone who is well prepared for it can afford it.
  • Keep your eyes open and look both – then from everyday life, you will learn a lot of things that you can include in your speech.
  • Enjoy the process: show people that you enjoy speaking. However, do not take your speech too seriously – it is unlikely to shock the world to the ground.

Everything Revolves Around Money

To earn a lot of money is only half the battle, then they also need to be invested profitably. You can rely on just two people in this matter. Firstly, to a high-class professional who has already proved that he knows his job well, and secondly – to himself.

Useful information can be gleaned from publications in reliable business writing sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, and Fortune.

“I work seven days a week and sincerely enjoy almost every minute of work.”

The rest will depend on your common sense, which will warn you at least that the capital acquired by overwork is entrusted to “one good friend” – unless it is a recognized expert in financial matters.

To invest well, you don’t need to embark on cunning adventures at all – unless, of course, a sense of risk is worth more to you than your capital. A reputable investment company is, of course, a reliable partner in financial enterprises, but this does not save you from having to get an idea about the product in which you want to invest. Only invest in products that you understand.

“Natural born winners look at the problem as just another occasion to test themselves. Problems are never too difficult or unpleasant for them, and, to tell you the truth, if you have no problems, then you simply have no business. ”

For serious financial problems, they usually hire a lawyer, but in this case, a solid hole appears in your budget. In many cases, it is better to refuse intermediaries and directly turn to someone who has a decisive voice in your lawsuit, whether it be a creditor, client or business partner. If you take the situation under your personal control and turn to the right people yourself, then you will save not only time but first of all nerves, as well as money. Strive to find a compromise: it will cost you much less than a long-term lawsuit.

“Do not crush people. Otherwise, you can’t expect someone to give you a direct answer, and you will ultimately punish yourself. ”

Danger can threaten your capital from an unexpected angle. Let’s say your ship moored in the marriage harbor, and then began to sink: if you don’t have a reliable marriage contract in your hands at that moment, then everything will go to the bottom – both money and the company. But most importantly, as a business owner, you will jeopardize the welfare of all your employees. Therefore, be sure to conclude a prenuptial agreement (and love your half forever).

“A carelessly spoken word can crush a person, so the leader’s power should be used in a positive way, which sometimes requires great restraint and patience.”

Tell your children how to manage their personal finances. Explain to them how you manage the money yourself: how you keep records of expenses, how you save and what you invest in. Children should not have the idea that you are spending money inadvertently, otherwise, they will perceive this as a model of behavior.

Negotiating Means Convincing

Even if you are an expert in your field, this does not automatically mean that you always manage to negotiate well. To do this, you must have the power of persuasion. Learn persuasion techniques. Speak a language that your audience understands; use simple metaphors and analogies. If your speech is too abstruse, listeners may feel discomfort and even their inferiority compared to you. Resort to humor; it helps if the situation is too heated.

“Every day reminds me of how much I don’t know yet. Everything that can be studied leads to something still unknown. ”

It will not be easy for someone who does not know the partner and has no idea of his ideas and aspirations to find suitable arguments. Preparing for negotiations means, first of all, figuring out what the other side wants. If you still could not find out in advance, then let the partners speak out and carefully listen to the tone of their voice, watch the facial expressions – so you better understand their intentions. Adapt to the negotiating partner, your behavior and approach to the situation should be oriented to the opposite side. “The best masters of negotiations on the nature of the chameleons.”

“Regardless of the level of your professionalism, no matter how much you seem to know your job, you need to be vigilant in monitoring the situation in your chosen field.”

More importantly, you yourself know exactly what you want. In addition, you must be flexible enough to achieve what you want in some other way if you fail. Often, new opportunities pop up right during negotiations – especially if the other side is not aware of your true intentions. Then you have a chance to make an unexpected move with a knight. And if you achieve your goal, but arrange everything so that the opponent does not look like a loser, then the next day you can look into each other’s eyes.

“When engaged in [business], one cannot remain blind in relation to the surrounding reality. A certain part of your day should be devoted to broadening your horizons. ”

People who know exactly what they want and insist on their own make a strong impression on others. Sometimes it may look like ordinary stubbornness – but if you end up being right, then your credibility in the market increases significantly.

Perseverance, however, should not be confused with importunity. Even in the most difficult circumstances, a strong negotiating position is held by one who patiently waits and makes an impersonal indifference to the other side to make every effort to resolve the stalled situation. If you come across people who are dishonest or cheat, it can take a lot of energy from you. But you can’t put up with this.

“If you have dedicated your life to the creation of certain values, believe in your business and have achieved really good results, you should tell the whole world that you think so.”

Defending your point of view is your absolutely legal right. If someone behaved dishonestly with you, do not sit down with him at the negotiating table anymore. From now on, you don’t need to show courtesy to these people at all – just ignore them.

If you are a wealthy person, this will be especially easy for you.

“Any person whose level of curiosity and ambition is at least slightly above average, at some stage in his life will inevitably feel the temptation to try his hand in an unusual situation or in a new field. Well, take a chance, but before you take a chance, try to get the most out of what you’re going to get involved in, and make sure your mindset is suitable for this kind of activity. ”

If we talk about the best and worst side of wealth and success, then the answer to this question can be given in one word: “influence”. The influence that wealth and success have on others.

The plus is that people tend to be more attentive to your opinion than if your financial situation were different. And the minus is that they have a one-sided, incomplete impression about you. And this point of view is very difficult to change.


  • Billionaire Donald Trump readily shares his recipes for success, which everyone who wants to become rich and stand out from the crowd advises using.
  • Gather the best people around you. It does not have to be people who have made an impressive career – the main thing is that they have the right attitudes.
  • Build Napoleonic plans to really reach heights.
  • If you are passionate about something, then sooner or later you will achieve it.
  • Without a positive attitude and healthy self-esteem, you will always vegetate below.
  • First, you need to learn, train and master your craft, and then you can take on ambitious projects.
  • Take care of your appearance: people evaluate you based on how you submit yourself.
  • You need to be in public. Speaking with a speech or report, it is important to be able to capture the attention of the audience.
  • In matters of financial investments, trust only highly qualified specialists; invest only in those objects and products that you are well aware of.
  • During negotiations, use your knowledge, perseverance, flexibility, and patience; never reveal to the other side what you are really seeking.

 Why You Should Read “Trump: How to Get Rich”

  • To set yourself right goals toward the wealth achieving
  • To learn Trump’s biography
  • To see what clear vision and hard work can accomplish

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