What is a Book Summary and How It Can Help You Grow?

by Nick
  • How to stop putting off life for later?
  • How to become stress-resistant?
  • How to resist manipulation and emotional blackmail?
  • How to succeed?
  • How to overcome shyness?
  • How to become rich and financially independent?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in non-fiction books, that is, books on psychology, business, self-development, personal effectiveness, health, science and all that contribute to broadening the horizons and personal and professional growth of their readers. The ideas in these books help make life better.

But a modern and active person may have several problems associated with reading:

  1. Where to find time to read all books of interest?
  2. How not to make a mistake and choose books worthy of attention?
  3. Is this particular book worth my time (on average 5 hours) and/or money?

Book Summary is a brief review of key ideas from non-fiction books set out on 10-20 pages, which can be read in 10-20 minutes.

There are many useful and worthy books that help change lives for the better if you read them at the right time, but how to find time for this?

Of course, you can search for information of interest on the Internet, but how often are you satisfied with answers from the network?

The quality of many Internet articles leaves much to be desired, and everyone who is not lazy can publish articles. Too often you can get bad advice and load your head with unnecessary information.

The money issue also stops many from buying books. Books cost a lot, many pirated services are closed due to changes in legislation, and the remaining ones are attacked by users’ computers with malware and annoying ads.

There is Another Urgent Problem of Reading Non-fiction Books.

These are annoying repetitions of the same ideas, concepts, and examples that are not related to us.

I would like to pass such books through a sieve and separate the grains from the chaff.

For these reasons, lately,  book summaries are gaining more and more popularity.

Book Summaries help readers solve several problems at once:

  • They contribute to broadening the horizons, allowing the reader to develop in several areas at once and to keep abreast of ideas and concepts from books on various topics from psychology to scientific discoveries;
  • They save time – summary can be read in just 10-20 minutes;
  • They save the money of reading enthusiasts – On QuickBookSummary you can read as many book summaries as you want. It will save you tons of $.
  • They help make a truly informed choice of which books are worthy of being in your library;
  • They help to repeat the most useful ideas from already read books and put everything in order;
  • They are always at hand, as you can access this blog anytime and bookmark the best book summaries that you particularly liked.

Book Summaries are not someone’s idle speculation, but high-quality information from the books of authors who are deeply versed in their topic and themselves have achieved what they write in life.

Book Summary Q&A

Do Book Summaries replace real books?

Yes and no. Yes, because if you read a summary of the book, you may understand that this is enough for you. In this case, it will save you from buying a book you do not need.

On the other hand, after reading an interesting summary, you will understand that you want to study the book on which it is written in more detail.

In this case, the book summary will contribute to the informed choice of full-length books for your library.

Every book summary on this blog includes links that will help you buy the books from Amazon. [If you use these links, I will receive a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.]

Do book summaries infringe copyrights?

No, only key ideas and concepts from books are set forth in the summary, this is an independent creative product. Moreover, each summary contributes to the dissemination of the ideas of the authors, because if you like the main ideas from the original book, it is likely that you will want to purchase it.

How can I read book summaries on this blog?

My blog allows you to browse through popular book summaries effortlessly.

The clean design and website layout make your reading experience as pleasant as it gets.

Why You Should Even Bother Reading Books and Their Summaries?

We all know from childhood that reading books is useful. However, now is such a time that it is a question you need to raise again and again.

1. The Development of the Creative Component of Personality

The main advantage of reading books is that your mind and imagination are involved in the reading process. You involuntarily become participants in the creative process of creating an artwork.

It is creation, not consumption.

The author of the work recorded on paper his vision of the world, in his own words and his own concepts. The reader, having an inner world different from the inner world of the writer, interprets all these concepts in his own way and creates his own inner world from his artistic images. Of course, the author and the writer have similar artistic images, because they grew out of one work. However, a work of art is refracted through the personality of the reader and becomes a new, personal work.

As already mentioned, imagination actively works while reading.

And why do you need this imagination?

Maybe it is only needed by creators from the advertising department to create a fun-filled advertising poster. Which, with its artistic value, would cling to taxi drivers and passengers of minibusses passing by the billboard on which this creation will be placed?

Far from it. We need imagination much more often.

2. How Good of an Interlocutor Are You?

Imagination is needed to bring an element of creativity into our daily lives. 

A rich imagination is necessary in order to be an interesting conversationalist, whose work is not limited to listing the latest news, latest jokes from social networks and pranks from sitcoms.

The fact is that most of your friends are already aware of these replicated “jokes.” Therefore, they do not represent any value for communication. Everything that becomes a product of mass consumption ceases to be valuable. The value is represented precisely by your thoughts that have arisen in your process of communication with this person. But if you do not have imagination, nothing will arise, and you will not be able to bring anything special, personal to these relations.

Of course, your unique life story will always be of value. And funny and sad episodes from your life will always have lasting value. Because your stories are you. You have become what you are, thanks to all these stories.

But what will you tell when all these stories end? 

This question is left open.

3. Reading and family

Oddly enough, but creative qualities directly affect the course of the family life of the spouses.

The highest percentage of divorces in families who have lived 5-7 years of marriage. 5-7 years is exactly the age of the family when everyone has already recognized each other well, heard all the stories and do not expect anything new from each other.

And the reading person, a person with a good imagination, can always bring creativity and novelty into any relationship. 

The opposite is also true: the interlocutor, whose spiritual world is fed from the drainpipe of the TV, will be limited in its ability to communicate and develop relationships.

5. To Keep the Intellect in Shape

If you get used to reading books, your brains will always be in good shape and it will not be difficult for you to solve the problems that arise before you.

The habit of thinking is a good habit. No creative process is complete without using your intellectual abilities.

But do not confuse the reading person with an enthusiastic viewer. And one and the other are involved in the process of obtaining and processing information, but from the latter – mental activity is required to the least extent.

The visual series of news is accompanied by ready-made video images so that the finished product is pushed into your consciousness, and you will not need any participation, except to open your eyes and ears wider.

Therefore, a person who consumes the flow of information through visual media can be called a consumer. And the person who reads is thinking and creating.

6. Changeable Value of Information

There is also room for such a truth that how difficult it is for us to get something is the price of this thing.

Books used to be worth something.

Now they are literally worthless. Within a few minutes, on the Internet, you can find any popular book and download it to your computer or smartphone.

It is such total accessibility that devalues ​​books. It turns out a paradoxical thing, having total access to information, a person uses only the most unworthy samples of this information.

Being 5 minutes from the world’s cultural and intellectual heritage, precious works and books – we are too lazy to reach out to take them.

Book summaries become indispensable nowadays.

7. Pure Food for the Mind

In addition, books are generally apolitical, at least compared to state-owned media. 

The classics are especially apolitical. So reading the works of the classics, you can be calm for the purity of the brain – recognized classics, on the contrary, will set your brains. It is no secret that traditional media are used for propaganda purposes; they introduce us to the artificial world they created in order to substitute concepts and apply other methods of NLP programming. Therefore, if you meet a question in the newspaper, this does not mean that the author of the article takes care of your intellectual health, that you ask yourself questions and stimulate mental activity.

Perhaps just the opposite, they want to lead you into a dead-end and impose something on you.

If you read the works of Leo Tolstoy, then there will be some simple questions that will offend you for the living and will prompt you to seriously think about your attitude to life, to people.

Questions from his works and other serious books will affect not only the intellectual but also the spiritual strings of your personality.

It is modern media that have discouraged people from reading. And it is the enemy that you need to defeat if you want to be a creative, self-minded person.

You can freely use all the book summaries on this web resource to expand your areas of expertise and make your life way more attractive.