In our fast-paced world, not much free time is left for books.

How to Find Time for Reading?

Read at least 1 summary daily! Giving it 15 minutes. But every day.

And in a few months you will see how your perception of the world, business and yourself will change!

You can now work through all the books on your topic in just a few days.

All the wisdom of the modern world of books is now in your hands.

Reading 100 or more books of 250+ pages previously was almost impossible for the average person. Even if you had the skill of speed reading and spent 3-4 hours a day reading.

Now, when each of the books is “packed” into one summary and takes 10-12 pages(15 minutes) to read, this task is now on the shoulders of any professional who is interested in self-development.

Can Book Summaries Replace Full Books?

Book summaries will never replace real books …

But(!) they can help:

  • Sort out the book

Understand whether to read this particular book and why.

  • Sort out the topic

Quickly understand the desired topic by reading ALL abstracts on the topic and choosing exactly those that are worth diving into in full.

  • Remember all

Recall what was in the book.

How Can Book summaries Help You Grow?

Summaries from the Quick Book Summary website are the articles that contain the key thoughts of non-fiction books.

Everyone knows that non-fiction books have a large number of repetitions, are filled with extra information for volume, and sometimes are not well structured.

We try to remove all the flaws but preserve all the advantages of the text.

We adhere to a certain standard for the summary creation, according to which the retelling should include all the key messages of the book, preserve important examples, convey the motivational spirit of the book.

Often we accompany texts with comments useful for understanding the author’s ideas.

At the same time, we do not save on letters and do not try to compress the text to 1-5 unrecognizable pages by all means.

The essence of the book, the ability to assimilate it, is for us a greater value than the size of the summary. So, sometimes you can meet a summary of a serious book with up to 20 pages(!) of printed text.

Why You Should Choose Quick Book Summary?

Reason #1: It is one of the largest book summary libraries online.

And it is constantly updated: every 2 days one new book summary is added.

Reason #2: Professionalism

Quick Book Summary has a professional team of editors, translators, and other specialists that help the main author of the website keep it updated.

Reason #3: Convenient format

Each book summary is written strictly in a single format, where each section is devoted to one thought and the main idea of ​​the book is repeated at the end of the summary.

Reason #4: Literary language

All summaries are written in a good literary language so that even those who have not read this book can understand and get the main ideas of each book.

Reason #5: Detailed presentation of the main thoughts

The list of main ideas is simply not enough. Each main idea of ​​the book is revealed in several paragraphs of a literary text.

At the same time, we put out the main theses of each book in one-page summaries for those who just want to get acquainted with the main thoughts stated in the books.

Reason #6: A wide range of categories

We also outline bestsellers in the categories that our competitors usually skip: Business, Personal Development, Management, Productivity, and so on.

My Personal Experience

Books are an integral part of my life that determines the overall success in other areas.

It took me years of study and practice to find out the right approach to learning and education.

Books have always been one of the greatest ways for me and my students to get valuable information that helps to solve any sorts of questions.

The one problem I have recently encountered was the lack of time and energy for reading as much as I used to do 5-10 years ago.

Being a father, teacher, and online marketing specialist at the same time does not leave a lot of space to read and study new subjects.

There were two things that helped me a lot: Speed-Reading and Advanced Memorization skills.

After that, I could read about a book a day without sacrificing much time on this tiring process.

One thing that also helped me was Book Summaries.

They have saved tons of my time(even more than speed-reading and memorization techniques).

The decision was made!

I have created this website (QuickBookSummary.Com) in order to help people like me constantly improve and become better versions of themselves EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Now, you can read tons of insightful book summaries for free.

So go ahead and pick up the one that you would like to read most!