Mindset – Carol S. Dweck [Book Summary]

by Nick

What Are the Settings?

Installation (internal beliefs) determines the type of thoughts and actions, the direction of the life path: what should be strived for, what is the meaning of effort, what is success and failure.

There Are Two Types of Installations:

For granted  – success is ensured by the immutability of the mind and other qualities. Complex tasks are frightening, criticism is perceived very painfully, failure is regarded as a complete failure. The main thing is the self-affirmation.

For growth, for development  – desired qualities can be developed. Success is the result of focused efforts and hard practice. Focus on training and self-improvement – a person seeks to solve difficult problems, is attentive to criticism and regards failure as the key to future success.

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Installation: Inside View

When choosing an installation, you choose either self-affirmation or self-development.

When set to reality, you can not learn anything, as there are abilities, talent, and success is easily attainable (effort is for the incapable). If problems arise, others or circumstances are to blame.

Such people dream of a “peak”, but often do not like their job. The main thing is the result, a demonstration of talent. Therefore, they cherish their pride, cherish the assessment of others and are afraid of failures, which are regarded as a lifetime stigma.

When set to growth, to achieve success in your favorite business you need to learn all your life. Success is achieved with the help of fortitude and perseverance, failure is not a sentence, but a chance to gain new knowledge and experience. The effort is the key to success. People of this type of value and love their job, search, process, regardless of the result.

Carol says that each installation has its advantages. When installed on a given, you know the truth about yourself and succeed in what there is talent. When set to grow, it depends only on you whether to develop certain abilities and what imperfections you need to put up with.

Installation is an important part of the personality. If you change it, you can begin to act in a new way.

Strive to gain new knowledge, overcome obstacles, drawing lessons from defeats, continue efforts again, taking into account constructive criticism and enjoying what you love.

The Truth About Abilities and Achievements

One must not underestimate a person’s ability to develop. Many successful people in childhood did not stand out but were able to reach great heights in a certain area thanks to the insatiable curiosity and support of others.

Focus on growth contributes to the development of talents and brings real results. To strengthen it, you need to praise not for the ability, but for the efforts made. Then the person will work harder and think about new knowledge, and not how they will appreciate it. He will learn to achieve goals even in a hostile environment, discarding the influence of negative labels and stereotypes.

Praise for ability drives in the installation for granted, causing hostility to efforts and criticism. The limiting influences of stereotypes deprive confidence, calmness and a positive attitude, thereby reducing the scale of achievements.

Develop your installation. Create an environment that teaches children and adults alike to develop. Then, faced with difficulties, they defend their right to development and success.

Sport: Setting Champions

In sports, great faith in talent. It is believed that natural talents do not need efforts, this is for others, less gifted.

But installation is more important than talent. Preparation, psychological stability, and determination, which are ensured by proper installation, lead to victory. It helps to develop character: to work in the sweat of the face, to maintain concentration in difficult moments and to win. Failure is regarded as a source of motivation.

Greatness in sport is the quality of a person who dared to try and put all his strength into it. Michael Jordan trained with the stubbornness that legends spoke of. Sports superheroes are ordinary people who themselves have made themselves unusual. This is the result of daily work, psychological stability, analysis of victories and defeats, but others see the only talent in their achievements. The champion’s character, spirit, and brains are all that is needed to become a great athlete.

Develop a growth mindset to develop character and succeed.

Business: Installation and Leadership

The installation is very important for the leader at the head of the company. A leader with a given attitude is only concerned about his image and profit, does not think about encouraging and educating his subordinates, is afraid of critics and competitors. For him, self-affirmation and the appearance of well-being are important, not reality with its flaws and failures.

The great leaders of the corporations did not set out to assert themselves, they simply enthusiastically engaged in their favorite business, receiving great pleasure from work – and all this led them to the business Olympus.

For a company to flourish, a leader must have a focus on growth. Work gives him new experience, knowledge, and joy. He knows how to admit mistakes and be reconstructed, encourages the professional growth of employees and constructive criticism, believes in his team and long-term success.

Relationships: Attitude and Feelings

People deal with their feelings differently. When set to reality in marriage or friendship, everything should turn out by itself, without effort, because there is an ideal person – you just need to find him. The main thing in a relationship is self-affirmation, you can easily get involved in a competition with a partner – some are smarter, some are more talented.

Following the attitude towards growth, in order to create a strong union, you need to make efforts, be able to recognize each other’s shortcomings, understand the problems and solve them together. Both sides learn to coexist, develop as individuals, their connection becomes deeper. The meaning of marriage and friendship is to promote the development of a partner and with it help to develop yourself.

With the help of the developmental approach, shyness and aggressiveness can be overcome, since these character traits are inherent in people with a givenness for granted. They are fixated on how they are evaluated, while one should strive to develop relations, cooperation, and self-improvement.

Parents, Teachers, and Trainers: How Attitudes Are Formed

Do not judge, but teach. You can teach everything. The best thing that can be done for a child is to teach him to love trials, analyze errors with interest, enjoy success and never stop learning.

The attitude towards growth is formed if parents encourage the development and education of children, the attitude toward reality – if they care about the image, and not about the development of the child. Praising a child’s abilities can undermine motivation, lower results, and self-confidence. Admiration and respect for the efforts and choices made must be expressed.

Teachers should have a growth orientation both in relation to themselves and to children. Demanding and caring – this should be their approach. Their goal is to teach children to think independently, love to study and work hard to meet high standards.

Coaches through the installation lead to victory. They instill in students values ​​and qualities that will help them become not only good athletes but also good people.

Parents, teachers, trainers are responsible for people’s lives. The attitude towards growth plays a key role: it helps them use their mission, and the pupils realize their potential.

How to Change the Installation

People are changing, changes are possible – this is the basis for growth. Simple knowledge of the existence of an attitude toward growth can lead to big changes in people’s perceptions of themselves and life, open up other perspectives, and help them dare to go after their dreams.

What fundamental changes can a change in installation lead to? Liberate intellectual potential and inspire to work and accomplishments; use time more wisely; learn every day.

By adhering to a given attitude, you increase self-esteem and learn to win love and respect. But, opening up to growth, you become yourself to a greater extent.

First, even as part of a given attitude, change the value judgments, then draw up a plan for the transition to a growth goal – when, where and how – and adhere strictly to it.

To change the child’s attitude, demonstrate the growth attitude using your own example.

Education should find new meaning – not high grades, but new knowledge obtained with pleasure and interest.

Changing the setting entails fundamental changes. Turning to the growth orientation, you move from the “Evaluate and Be Evaluated” position to the “Learn and help others learn” platform. Growth requires a lot of time, effort and mutual assistance.

People who managed to change know how their life has changed and improved – it has become richer and richer, and the man himself has become more lively, open and bold.

Do You Decide Whether Such a Change is Needed?

In any case, never forget the existence of a growth attitude. And then, faced with the next obstacles, you may turn to it.

It will be waiting for you, pointing the way to the future.

Why You Should Read “Mindset”

  • To learn how to use your mind
  • To be able to stream your thoughts into the right direction
  • To stay focused and organized

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