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Main Topic

The book explores the life and contributions of Nikola Tesla, focusing on his role as an inventor in the electrical age.

Key Ideas or Arguments

  • Tesla’s innovative work in electrical engineering and his groundbreaking inventions.
  • The challenges and successes in Tesla’s career, emphasizing his impact on the development of electrical technologies.

Chapter Titles or Main Sections

  1. Early Life and Education: This section delves into Tesla’s upbringing, education, and initial forays into engineering, providing insights into the formative years of the inventor.
  2. Inventions and Patents: Exploring Tesla’s numerous inventions and the patents he secured, this chapter details the technological advancements that shaped the electrical age.
  3. Relationship with Edison: The book discusses Tesla’s professional and personal interactions with Thomas Edison, shedding light on their contrasting approaches to electrical innovation.
  4. Wardenclyffe Tower Project: Focusing on Tesla’s ambitious project, the Wardenclyffe Tower, this section explores his vision for wireless communication and power transmission.


by W. Bernard Carlson


Key Takeaways

  • Tesla’s profound impact on the electrical age, marked by inventive brilliance and a commitment to advancing technology.
  • The complexities of Tesla’s relationships, particularly with Edison, and the challenges he faced in realizing his visionary projects.

Author’s Background and Qualifications

W. Bernard Carlson is a reputable historian and professor of science, technology, and society at the University of Virginia. With expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship, Carlson brings a scholarly perspective to Tesla’s life and achievements.

Comparison to Other Books

While there are various biographies on Tesla, Carlson’s work stands out for its scholarly rigor and emphasis on Tesla’s contributions within the context of the electrical age.

Target Audience

This book caters to readers interested in the history of science, technology, and the influential figures shaping the electrical revolution. Suitable for both academics and general enthusiasts.

Reception or Critical Response

The book has received positive reviews for its thorough research, engaging narrative, and the author’s ability to make Tesla’s complex ideas accessible to a broad audience.

Publisher and First Published Date

Published by Princeton University Press, the book first appeared in 2013, establishing itself as a reputable source on Tesla’s life and work.


To Sum Up

Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age provides a comprehensive exploration of Nikola Tesla’s life, emphasizing his groundbreaking inventions and enduring influence on the electrical age.

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